How do I get RID of lice?

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Though the two words do rhyme, lice is anything but nice. Despite the warnings constantly sent out by our children’s teachers, loudly proclaiming “A child in your class has lice,” children are naturally social creatures and it was almost inevitable for one of ours to come home with a few nits in their hair and at one point or another… and yours may come home with lice, too! If and when it happens, take a deep breath. While lice isn’t something you are hoping your child comes home with, let us debunk some of the myths associated with lice and help get you prepared to treat lice with RID.

How to get rid of lice


First of all, lice has nothing to do with hygiene. As children return to school after the winter break, there are many places that they could have contracted lice. Children often get lice from head-to-head contact or sharing personal items such as hats, combs or headbands. Many schools have lice checks after a break from school to catch it before it spreads. The number one sign of lice is head itching, so be on the look out!

After reading this, your head will no doubt be itchy, so how do you differentiate between an itchy head and lice?

If you notice your child scratching their head, check their hair for lice. Head lice and nits are almost exclusively found on the scalp, particularly around the neck and ears, so start by looking there. If you find one, you will notice that it holds firmly to the hair so it will be difficult to remove.

What exactly are you looking for?

Head lice are tiny insects that live on the scalp. They are the size of a sesame seed and vary in color from yellowish-brown to white. The eggs are laid near the root of the hair. Dandruff can be mistaken for lice but remember, dandruff can be washed or blown away, while lice don’t move until removed with a fine tooth comb like the one found in the RID Lice Elimination Essentials Kit. You can see here how to check your child’s hair effectively.

So now that you know what it looks like, I bet you want to know how to get rid of it!

Don’t worry! You can get rid of lice and you will want to — fast — not only from your child’s hair, but also from your home! RID Lice Elimination Essentials Kit and RID Lice Treatment Complete Kit will help ensure a complete lice treatment. These kits include scientifically proven products to kill lice and remove their eggs, which is exactly what you need. RID is available at many mass retailers, drug stores and grocery stores nationwide, so you shouldn’t have a problem locating a bottle!

What you need:

The RID Lice Treatment Complete Kit ($22) will have it all covered! You will receive the RID Lice Killing Shampoo, the RID Lice and Egg Comb-Out Spray to be used after the RID Lice Killing Shampoo, the patented RID Comb, which is specifically developed to aid in removing the eggs and nits, as well as the RID Home Lice, Bedbug and Dust Mite Spray to treat the home. Make sure to follow all of the steps on the product label to prevent lice from coming back after the treatment is complete.

Don’t be surprised if your friends and family don’t come knocking to help remove the lice! While they may not be running over, support is just a click away.

Visit for 24/7 support services including simple step-by-step instructions and how-to videos. You can also speak with specifically trained experts at the dedicated 1-888-RID-LICE hotline.

Remember, lice comes crawling to the best of us, but try to reduce the spread of lice by encouraging your kids not to share personal belongings such as hats, combs, and headbands.

Save $2 on any RID product and say goodbye to lice! 

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