30 Must-take holiday photos

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Any parent that’s been through at least one holiday season knows that the next few weeks are going to feel like an eternity and then slip by in the blink of an eye. Your to do list might be sixteen pages long and stress you out to no end, but somehow you’ll get it all — or at least most of it — done and you’ll look back on the month of December with nostalgia and a warm feeling, knowing that the next time this magical season comes around your kids will be another year older. 

In order to preserve those holiday memories for years to come, make sure you keep your camera out and at the ready over the next few weeks. We’ve got a full list of of 30 must-take holiday photos of special moments and memories you’ll want to document. So free up some space on your phone and break out a new memory card for your DSLR, because you’re not going to want to miss a minute. 


30 Must-Take Christmas Photos

Holiday traditions

Make sure to get pictures of all your favorite holiday traditions, particularly ones that you do every year so you can compare how big the kids are getting over the years. We always make sure to get photos of the kids in their Christmas jammies each year, pictures of them decorating gingerbread houses, opening their advent calendar, picking out and decorating the tree, baking cookies and going on a sleigh ride. If your family gets a new ornament each year, make sure to get a photo of the kids holding it. And don’t forget to get a picture of your family’s holiday card.
Holiday Winter Christmas Photo Checklist

Winter wonderland

December is a wonderful time of year outdoors as well, so don’t forget to take your camera with you for the first (or 10th, depending on where you live) snow fall of the year. Capture shots of the kids making snowmen and snow angels, throwing snowballs, sledding, ice skating and catching snowflakes on their tongues. Get photos of their little boots and mittens, their pink noses and happy smiles as they tromp through the snow.

Must Take Christmas PhotosMagical moments

Christmas through the eyes of a child is absolutely magical, so make sure you document some of those beautiful everyday moments of kids just being kids. Snap a shot of your child looking at the Christmas tree all lit up for the first time. Get a photo of them playing with their favorite toy on Christmas morning. Get a shot of them dancing to Christmas music and reading their favorite holiday book.

30 Must-Take Holiday Photos
Holiday Photo Checklist

And, if you know right now there’s no way you’ll ever remember each of these shots, we’ve got a handy little list of all those great memories that you’ll want to capture. Feel free to print this out and stick it to the fridge to remind you to get your camera out, or add it to your camera bag and take with you on holiday outings.  Photos of your kids will last you a lifetime and will only become more precious with time. Take the time now to document your days and you’ll never regret it.

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