20 Must-take spring photos

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20 Must Take Spring Photos

As soon as the sun begins to shine and the weather turns warm, I am bursting at the seams to get outside and take some photos of my kids. Spring is packed with fun holidays, special events, and gorgeous colors, making it the perfect time to get the kids outside and play around with your camera. Whether you’re taking a trip to your local park or dressed up in your Easter finest, there are so many great occasions in spring that you’re going to want documented in digital format. Let’s get clicking!

20 Must Take Spring Photos of Kids

Spring holidays and sporting events

Springtime is plum-full of amazing holidays, sporting events and special occasions that make for some really great photos of your kids and family. Easter is the dominating holiday of the season and is packed with more photo opps than you can imagine. From photos with the mall Easter Bunny to egg decorating and hunting, this holiday is filled with photos you’re not going to want to miss. Make sure to take a photo of the family in your Sunday best, as well as a picture of all the goodies in the kids’ baskets, the kids wearing bunny ears, and them finding eggs.

St. Patrick’s Day is another holiday that deserves to be documented — get a photo of your kids in green, making leprechaun traps, or eating (or not eating!) green eggs and ham. Don’t forget Cinco de Mayo, Earth Day, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Spring Break and Mardi Gras. And if you’re a sports enthusiast, make sure to get photos of your March Madness brackets, your kids in their favorite MLB team on Opening Day, sporting an NHL playoff jersey, wearing fancy hats for the Kentucky Derby, or practicing their putting for the Masters.

20 Must Take Spring Photos of Kids

Exploring outdoors

After being cooped up all winter, there’s nothing my kids and I love more than getting outside and enjoying nature in the spring. Everything is new, green and lush, which makes for some really amazing photos. Get some pictures of the kids smelling the tulips and daffodils blooming in your yard, as well as photos of the blossoming trees and flowers.

April showers mean great opportunities to get outside and let your kids have some fun! Get some photos of them in their rain boots splashing in puddles, twirling their umbrellas, and catching raindrops on their tongue. After the rain stops, take them rainbow chasing or let them dig for worms in the flower garden. Spring is also the perfect time to take kids hiking… before trails get too hot, buggy and overgrown. Later in the spring is a great time to go fishing, catch butterflies, and go strawberry picking.

20 Must Take Spring Photos of Kids

Everyday details

Even though there are a ton of special events, occasions, and holidays in the spring, don’t forget to take some photos of the everyday moments in your life that you don’t ever want to forget. Make sure to get a photo of your kids riding their bikes in front of your house, wearing adorable sunglasses, and eating their favorite snacks on the front porch. Snap a pic of your son throwing the ball for the dog, helping mow the lawn, and peeing in the backyard. Take photos of your daughter chasing bubbles, catching a grasshopper, and picking a bouquet of wildflowers for you. Get that picture of the two of them having suckers in the wagon together, playing baseball, and running down the street hand-in-hand. Because while special occasions are, well, special, it will probably be the ordinary everyday mundane details of your life that you’ll miss the most when they’re no longer this little.

20 Must Take Spring Photos of Kids

Spring photography checklist

If you’re in need of some inspiration and ideas of what to take photos of this spring (and every spring over the next decade), here are 20 must-take spring photos. Start a tradition of taking all of these photos this year and comparing them to how much things change and how much older the kids look in next year’s photos!

Spring Photography Checklist Printable

Whether you’re working with only your iPhone or with the fanciest DSLR on the market, just get out your camera and start shooting! Every photo you take of your kids captures a moment that’s gone forever. Don’t miss out on a minute — capture your story today.

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