How To Make Your Own Heart Origami Garland

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There are so many great ways to decorate the house for Valentines Day. They don’t have to break the bank either, be super complicated, or require massive storage once the holiday is over.  What I have found that not only satisfies the want to decorate, but also keeps it simple, and disposable after the holiday, is a paper garland to hang throughout the house.  Whether its across the fireplace, large mirror or buffet/hutch where you are able to make it feel like you haven’t let the holiday go without notice.

A few years back, I saw these origami hearts, and figured why not give my crafting skills a try.  One thing that goes without saying is that I’m pretty obsessed with all things paper, so any chance to find fun paper, I’m on it.  One sheet of 12×12 scrapbook paper yields 8 hearts, making this project extremely inexpensive as well!


I found some this great SASSY glitter paper that I knew was going to be perfect for this project.  Side note: Target has 10 sheets of valentines scrapbook paper in the dollar bin, so no excuses 

Then it was a matter of cutting and folding.  You can find diagrammed folding directions on here, but my condensed instructions are as follows:

  • Cut paper into 3inch x 6inch pieces
  • Fold paper long wise to where the pieces meet in the middle
  • Fold paper in half where the two short sides meet – unfold
  • Fold each piece diagonal to meet the line you just folded in the middle
  • On each of the two short side fold each corner down to meet in the middle
  • Turn over – you have a heart


Okay, it may seems a bit more complicated then it really is. Diagram here. Once you’ve made one, the rest will only take you a few minutes.


I then used some red and white baking twine left over from Christmas and strung them up.

Super cute, inexpensive and fun to make with the kids.  Keeping in simple this year!

Share with us some of your easy crafts for kids.

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  1. Alli,
    I went to Target yesterday and they didn’t have this set of papers. I want this glitter paper. I got another set to use, but I was bummed. See what you did? You caused me to fall in love with this, and want to make it. It’s awesome!

  2. Very cute!!
    They would be great for kids school valentines too!

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