Easy Valentine’s Day Craft

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Not sure how it happened but I am now the chronically scattered, last minute Mom.  It may have something to do with running this here website and putting lots of hours in over at Momformation.  But anywho…good thing I can think fast on my feet!  I’m no Martha Stewart but I am creative and very resourceful.  I have seen countless Valentine ideas around the web and they all look toooo perfect, there is no way that the kids are actually making these impeccable crafts.  My kids are 5 & 7 and as much as I want to control the craft, it doesn’t happen – they want “to do it”.  So here is a tutorial for  real handcrafted Valentine’s made by real kids!

We made 60 of these in no time.  Perfect for classroom Valentines!


Dot Art –  We already had.  If you do not have, buy at Michaels or Amazon.com
Hole Punch
Cardstock paper  ($3.99)
Lollipops  $2.00 per bag ($6.00)

Total Cost for 60 Valentines = $10.00 and some change.

How To:
It’s pretty self explanatory (that’s how easy it is) but…

1.  Fold card stock in half and cut out hearts.
2.  Have kids apply dot art  – let them go wild!
3.  Have child sign their name or write a message on the hearts
4.  Punch 2 holes in hearts
5.  Place Lollipop through the holes.

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