That’s Crafty! Valentine’s Day Photo Cards

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Valentine's Photo Cards

I gave myself the task of creating the perfect kids Valentine’s Day cards recently and after stalking the internet and Pinterest I came up with these Photo Valentine’s Day cards. Anytime I can show off more pictures of my kids the better I say.

This craft is easy, all you need is some candy and some inspiration. The limits are endless and if you can get your kids into it, all the more fun.


Materials Needed

  • Camera and printed 5×7 Photo’s
  • PicMonkey (or another photo editing software/site)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Heart shaped chocolates
  • Heart shaped lollipops
  • Lip shaped chocolates

“Kisses for You” Photo Valentine Card Tutorial:


The key to this Valentine Photo Card is to get your child to cooperate. I told my 2 year old daughter to “give kisses” to the camera. So, she literally tried to kiss the camera lens, that is why her lips and chin are disproportionate in the photo (but that’s OK!).

In PicMonkey I used the “Lips” overlay within the “Sweethearts” theme and tilted the lips around her face to emphasis the “kisses for you” theme. I added “Schoolbell” font at the bottom.

I purchased a pre-made Valentine’s Day card with a set of chocolate lips attached. I removed the chocolate lips and taped it to the photograph.

Kisses Card

This is a perfect card for a set of grandparents or family friend.

“Reach for My Heart Baby” Valentine Photo Card Tutorial:

Baby Card

Since the subject of this Valentine’s Day card is just a baby, I had to take the picture without a theme in mind then choose the best picture and roll with it. That’s the key to taking babies photographs…just roll with it.

In PicMonkey I used the “Unkempt” font within the “Sweethearts” theme for the writing. I also used the “Rapture” effect that seemed to dull all of the colors except for the reds and pinks. I added a “Doodly Heart” overlay.

I purchased a bag of heart shaped chocolates, they were easy to find in the grocery store aisle. I taped the chocolate heart to appear as if the baby was reaching for it. Simple, easy and cute!

baby card

This card is perfect for anyone!

“I’ve been hit by Cupid’s Arrow” Valentine Photo Tutorial:

cupids arrow

While searching for inspiration for a Valentine’s Day kids craft, I came upon this Cupid’s Arrow on Pinterest and was immediately inspired to do the same, that is what makes Pinterest so great after all.

I chose to use my oldest as the subject for this theme as he knows how to follow directions. He had a lot of fun pretending he was being stabbed in the head, I guess it’s a boy thing.

I converted this picture into Black and White with PicMonkey and added “Doodly Hearts” overlay within the “Sweethearts” theme. I also added a “Labels” overlay on the bottom in which I placed “Emilys Candy” font within.

I cut small slits in the photo with a pair of sharp scissors and inserted the heart shaped lollipop. If he was going to give this Valentine away to someone, I would leave the plastic on the lollipop.

Cupid's Arrow Card

This “I’ve been hit by Cupid’s Arrow Valentine’s Day Photo Card” is perfect for anyone!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. like always your imagination and creativity its awesome! great job my friend!

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  3. Hi Desiree — you are so incredibly creative and your kids are so yummy. Will you send me one of them for Valentine’s Day. I’ll give them back after their cheeks get skinny. Jamie Lynn just introduced me to PicMonkey and it is so cool. You’re inspired me. xo S

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