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The adorable Bento Box Lunch fad has been sweeping the kids lunch circuit – no longer are simple PB&J sandwiches, a juice box and a couple of crackers in a plain brown paper sack going to cut it. Moms are now going all out in a creative, time consuming, food war to create the best, most inventive Bento lunches I’ve ever seen. Thanks to social media sites like Pinterest, the Bento Box Lunch has become accessible to everyone.

Bento boxes are a traditionally a Japanese takeout, home-packed meal where food is indvidually placed. Bento lunches are visually appealing and simple in concept. Modern Bento lunches such as the “Kyara-ben” (character bento) are created to look like popular Japanese characters and “oekakiben” (picture bento) are created to represent scenes, people or places.

Since I find the creativeness of the Bento Box Lunch so fascinating, I have been collecting them on Pinterest on a board I have aptly named Bento CraZy. Here are a few of my non-licensed character (for fear of being sued) favorites:

You Are My Sunshine Bento:

You Are My Sunshine Bento

Gobble Gobble Turkey Bento:

turkey bento

Back To School Bento:

Back to School Bento

Happy Sandwiches Bento:

Happy Sandwiches Bento

First Day of School Bento:

First Day of School Bento

Ice Cream Bento:

Ice Cream Bento

Bunny Bento:

Bunny Bento

Frog Prince Bento:

Frog Prince Bento


These talented moms sure have upped the ante in kids lunches. Now, I only wish I had the time to create such beautifully intricate masterpieces in my kids lunches too!

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  1. We have time for what we make time for. These aren’t hard, but they are fun.

  2. You’re right. They are super cute. I should get my kids to help make them for their lunches, it might be fun!

  3. I definitely recommend bento making and not just for children either 🙂
    I make bento for myself, it’s a great way of saving money and eating healthy while at work 🙂

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