Fun and easy Father’s Day crafts

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3 Fun and Easy Father's Day Crafts Father’s Day is just around the corner and nothing says Father’s Day like a homemade gift! Moms aren’t the only ones who adore those sweet little hand print covered art projects or hilarious questionnaires. Celebrate your favorite dad by encouraging your little ones to create a special Father’s Day craft with their own personal touch. Here are three fun and easy craft ideas that children of all ages can create, and dad will be sure to love on his big day.

DIY Personalized Father's Day Platter

Personalized Platter

Creating a personalized platter is easier than you think. This is a fun way to incorporate those cute little hand prints or footprints into a piece of artwork that dad can use all the time. We purchased a simple white platter from a local dollar store and used Pinterest as our inspiration to come up with something we knew dad would enjoy.

– White plate or platter
– Acrylic paint
– (2) 1/2-inch paint brushes
– Sharpies
– Smock or old t-shirt
– Wet paper towel
– Paper plate or paint tray

DIY Father's Day Plate

– Place smock or old t-shirt on child. (Acrylic paint is non-washable.)
– Prep platter by cleaning the surface with soap and water.
– Place paint on paper plate/paint tray.
– Paint child’s hand and place hand print on desired place on platter to create the body of the fish.
– Wipe or wash child’s hand.
– Use second paint brush and let child paint waves.
– Put brush aside and let child finger paint bubbles.
– Let dry for 20-30 minutes.
– Once dry, use Sharpies to create eyes and lips.
– Use Sharpie to write message along the rim of the platter, or have the child write a personalized message to dad.
– Set aside and let dry for 24-hours.
– Place platter in oven and bake at 300-degrees for 30 minutes.
– Remove and let cool.
– Once cool, the platter will be ready for serving or for display.

DIY Father's Day Sharpie Mug

Sharpie Mug

This is a fun Father’s Day craft even the youngest child can make. Again, we purchased a plain white mug from a local dollar store, then we simply let our little one craft whatever inspired her. Younger children can create this adorable scribbled look and older children can create more elaborate personalized artwork — self portraits, shapes, Dad’s favorite sport — the possibilities are endless.

– White coffee mug
– Sharpies (any and all colors)
– Cut out letters (vinyl stickers or printed letters)
– Smock or old t-shirt if desired

DIY Sharpie Mugs from the Dollar Store

– Prep surface of the mug by cleaning with soap and water.
– Place letters of wording in desired located and secure (tape printed letters).
– Give child sharpies and let them color as desired.
– Once complete, peel letters from the surface of the mug.
– Place mug in oven, and bake at 300-degrees for 20-30 minutes.
– Once the mug has cooled it will be ready for serving.

Father's Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Card Journal

Don’t forget to give Dad a card, but do it with this fun twist. We purchased a journal (Barnes and Noble, $15) and in lieu of a new card each year we decided to craft a place where Dad can look back at what his children have created for him each Father’s Day. There is no limit on what your child can place on the journal’s pages — hand prints, questionnaires, photos, stickers, a special letter — again, the possibilities are endless. Whether your child is three or 33, each year they can leave Dad a little something in this timeless card journal that he will be sure to love.

– Journal
– Crayons/Markers/Color Pencils

Personalized Father's Day Gift Ideas

– Let child use coloring utensils to create artwork, answer questions, write a letter, etc.
– Date and label age.
– Wrap or give to Dad as is.

Happy crafting this Father’s Day!

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