Does shopping make you happier?

We have proof: Shop with Plenti, feel happy

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Nearly every mom jokes around that shopping is her therapy — that it’s what she does to find happiness after a way-too-long day with her kids or to revive herself after a crazy work week. But, what if we told you that shopping, and more specifically saving when you shop, is scientifically proven to make you happy?

Shop with Plenti, save more, feel happier

How to Save with Plenti

According to Dr. Paul Zak, Founding Director of the Center for Neuroeconomic Studies, when measuring neurochemicals affecting happiness and stress, happiness levels rise and stress levels decrease when shoppers receive a monetary reward while shopping, just like the ones they receive when using Plenti, the new rewards program.

In fact, not only did shoppers feel happy when they received monetary rewards for shopping, but they were actually shown to be happier than if they’d received a chocolate bar instead! According to the study, shoppers who received a modest monetary reward after shopping had elevated oxytocin levels of 67%, compared to a 12% elevated level for shoppers who received chocolate instead.

And, even more importantly, this happiness lasts. Dr. Zak’s study also showed that receiving monetary rewards has a lasting effect on shoppers, with reports of a 20% sustained happiness level one week after receiving the monetary reward.

How you can use Plenti to shop… and be happy!

Does shopping make you happier?

Here’s what you probably want to know… How can you use the Plenti to earn rewards and be happier when you shop?

Start by signing up on the Plenti website. You can join for free and you’ll receive membership rewards immediately, just for joining!

You can also simply download the Plenti app on your smartphone or tablet to sign-up and start earning rewards on the go as you shop. Your Plenti card is accessible on the app — just pull it up when you’re checking out and the retailer will scan the barcode on your phone to add your Plenti points to your account.

Once you have your Plenti rewards card — either via mail if you signed up online or on your phone if you’re using the app — look through their partner retailers and brands to start shopping and earning! Current partners include Macy’s, AT&T, Exxon Mobil, Nationwide Insurance, Rite Aid, Direct Energy, Enterprise and Hulu.

Want to see how we shopped with Plenti? See how we used Plenti to shop for our summer BBQ.

Remember that you can also earn rewards on Plenti when you pay your bills at Plenti partners and then use the rewards to shop. For example, use Plenti the next time you pay your Nationwide bill, and then use the rewards you earned to shop at Rite Aid.

A little extra dose of happiness when we shop? Yes, please.

This was a sponsored post as part of a brand ambassador program for Plenti, operated by American Express.

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