Taco night with Old El Paso Mini Taco Boats

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Taco Night Must-Haves: Old El Paso Tortilla Taco BoatsTaco Night is a big deal at our house and we tend to go all out for the occasion. Tacos were the go-to food for me through both my pregnancies and our kids now love them as much as we do. The great thing about Taco Night is you can make it as plain or fancy as you want. I love getting creative and mixing fancy ingredients into tacos like adobo chicken, fresh fish, cilantro lime rice, peach/mango salsa, jalapeno slaw or pickled red onions. But there’s nothing I love more than a traditional beef taco, with iceberg lettuce, diced tomatoes, shredded cheese and homemade guacamole… with a giant margarita on the side, of course.

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A house divided: Hard tacos vs. soft tacos

My husband and I don’t argue about many food-related things, but we do adamantly disagree over which is better — crunchy or soft tortilla shells. I’m a fan of the traditional hard shells and he loves a good soft shell, both based on the fact that each of us thinks the other type of shell is too messy. I want to eat my tacos one-handed and I have a hard time keeping the end of a giant soft shell closed without using both hands and getting food all over. He has a hard time getting all the toppings he wants shoved into a crunchy shell without breaking it or spilling all over the place. Enter the perfect solution… Old El Paso’s Mini Soft Tortilla Taco Boats.

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Taco boats are a family favorites

These little soft shell boats are the perfect size to hold with one-hand and keep all your taco toppings safely contained within the confines of the boat, making them the easiest, tastiest, cleanest way to eat a taco. They have a flat bottom, making them easy to fill to the brim and are sturdy enough to hold quite a bit, but still soft and delicious. We were both really impressed with how much taco goodness these little boats could hold and how easy they were to eat without losing all our toppings or having sauce drip down your arms.

Old El Paso Tortilla Taco Boats 3Old El Paso Tortilla Taco Boats 4

Even the kids loved stuffing their little boats full of taco meat, cheese and guacamole (because heaven forbid a vegetable finds it’s way into their taco). The boats were easy enough for my preschooler to fill all by himself and small enough for his little hands to hold. It was so much fun watching him pick out his ingredients and he loved that he got to eat a taco “just like daddy.”

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Win a year’s supply of Old El Paso Mini Taco Boats

What does Taco Night look like at your house?  Share your Taco Night photos on TwitterInstagram, or posting on Old El Paso’s Facebook wall using #TacoBoatSweepstakes, and you could win a year’s supply of Taco Boats from Old El Paso! Don’t forget to tag @OldElPaso and use the #TacoBoatSweepstakes hashtag. Visit www.OldElPaso.com/TacoBoatSweepstakes for more details!

This post was sponsored by Old El Paso. All taco-loving opinions are my own.

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