10 Truths about your cosmetics

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Have you ever wondered if all those claims on your beauty bottles are true?  I’m personally a  sucker for the word “Volume”, all my hair products include promises like these; “Long lasting Bounce”, “Volume Control”, “Thickening Shampoo” , and “24 hour Body”. these marketing buzz words get me everytime!

In the new book “Can you get hooked on Lip Balm?”  top cosmetic scientists answer your questions about the lotions, potions, and other beauty products you use everyday.  Check out this list of beauty myth busters…


1.    Curling Shampoos Don’t Work!

2.    Wearing the right fragrance can actually make people think you have lost weight.

3.    While brushing your hair does temporarily help distribute natural oils, in the long run brushing “100 strokes every night” strips layers of cuticle and weakens hair.

4.    There is no proof that tourmaline flat irons perform any better than the less expensive non-ceramic versions.

5.    Sunscreen is one of the best cosmetics you can use to keep your skin looking young and wrinkle-free.

6.    Spit on a zit may not be an old wives’ tale after all!

7.    There is a difference between antiperspirant and deodorant. Antiperspirant actually stops you from sweating, while deodorant just masks the odor.

8.    No cosmetic will make your nails grow longer and stronger, but you can do things to improve their condition.

9.    Urea is found in cosmetics, but it does not come from urine!

10. Multiple types of parabens are used in formulas to ensure that your personal care and cosmetic products are as free as possible from disease-causing microbes.

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  1. I have at least 3 glosses and 1 chapstick in my purse at any given time.

  2. Great post, Andrea, I learned a lot! And I happen to think I’m addicted to Burts Bee’s lip balm. With CO dryness, they should love us in Burts Bee’s land.

  3. I am absolutely addicted; I use balm constantly! I have 3 in the purse I’m currently using. Right now my fav is a tinted SPF balm from tarte.

  4. I have three glosses and one chap stick in my purse. I have chap stick in my car, one by my bed, and one on my monitor stand at my desk. I am a big Burt’s Bees fan for chapstick. As for glosses- I don’t know why I can’t have (or find) a favorite and stick with just one!

  5. I only use lip balm if my lips are windburned or sunburned. Or if I’m going to be out in the wind or sun. OK. So that’s most of the time. But I’m not addicted. Just being cautious. :0)

  6. I have two lip balms in my purse – Burts Bees and Benefit. I also carry one lip gloss. There’s also a bunch of lip balms laying around different rooms in my home and in my car.

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