blendSMART Rotating Foundation Brush

blendSMART Doll 10 Makeup Brush review

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First impressions… that were wrong!

If I am being completely honest, when this showed up on my doorstep I wasn’t too impressed. To me, it seemed pretty gimmicky. A rotating makeup brush? It just didn’t really excite me. But, once I gave it a try, I was completely impressed, instantly fell in love and  have used it everyday since it came in the mail.

blendSMART Rotating Makeup Brush

Meet the blendSMART Brush

The Doll 10 blendSMART Rotating Foundation Brush is a battery-operated automatic brush that rotates 360-degrees. So essentially, it does the buffing of the foundation into your skin for you. To use it, I would put foundation all over my face with my finger and then go to town buffing away with the brush. It give the most flawless finish! If you are going for the natural air brush look this is for you.

I did go over my face a few times with the brush to make sure everything was nicely buffed and that there are no lines. This brush, in my opinion, works best with thicker foundation, however, I found that you don’t need very much foundation for this brush. The first time I used this brush I looked like a hot mess because I used too much foundation!

The brush itself is a synthetic hair brush and cruelty free. It’s also the softest brush I own — so soft that I just want to rub it all over my face all day! I also used it to blend in my blush and bronzer if I go a little overboard when I apply them. The shape of this brush is so thoughtful — it fits perfectly in your hand, making applying your foundation effortless

I highly, highly recommend this makeup brush, whether you are a makeup addict or not. It’s availble exclusively on QVC for $60, with powder brush and blush brush attachments that you can add for an additional cost.

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