best headphones for kids

The best headphones for kids

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Best Headphones for Kids

Finding the best headphones for kids

Moms know from experience that not all headphones are created equally. From sound quality to comfort, finding the right pair can be the difference between comfortable listening and a major headache. Kids have the same problem, and we’ve rounded up some fantastic choices for the best headphones for kids. Finding the right pair will save you the parenting hassle of having to replace a pair that malfunctions quickly or feels uncomfortable on their little ears.

Wireless headphones to ward off tangling issues

Kids stay untangled with LilGadgets Untangled Pro Children’s Wireless Bluetooth Headphones (Amazon, $50). While they aren’t the most inexpensive headphones in our roundup, the wireless feature can be key, especially when you’re using the headphones in the car. Available in a variety of bright, fun colors, the LilGadget Wireless Headphones offer up to 10 hours of wireless use, and a backup audio cord is included in the even that you forget to charge them before a trip.

best headphones for kids

Volume-limiting headphones save little ears

Kidz Gear Wired Headphones for Kids are a solid, dependable choice for frequent headphone use (Amazon, $20). With a Lifetime Limited Warranty, you’ll be satisfied with the headphones for years. The KidzControl Volume Limit Cable limits audio volume to approximately 80% — about 20 decibels lower — of original maximum volume. Lightweight and comfortable, the headphones are designed to be used for kids as young as two years old.

best headphones for kids

Let kids personalize their headphones for custom combinations

JLab JBuddies Folding Kids Headphones are designed not to increase volume past 85 decibels, so young ears don’t face damage from listening to music or videos too loudly (Amazon, $21). The headphones fold into a smaller size for portability — with pinch-free hinges so little fingers stay safe. Choose from a variety of colors, and let kids choose their own 3-D character stickers. Each pair comes with 8 character sticks from which to choose.

best headphones for kids

Cute and noise-cancelling headphones

The Califone 2810-TI Kids Stereo Headphones are ideal for use in classrooms because of the noise-canceling feature (Amazon, $14). A six-foot cord makes it almost impossible for kids to accidentally pull out the connection, and the noise-cancelling feature can be helpful on flights — just try to remind kids that they don’t have to yell in the middle of the plane just because their headphones make it harder to hear the people around them. The animal designs are cute and fun for young children.

best headphones for kids

Adorable patterns mean siblings won’t mix up their headphones

Maxell Safe Soundz Over the Ear Headphones come in sweet patterns so you won’t have to listen to squabbles about whose headphones are whose (Amazon, $19). With ample padding around the ears, kids will find the headphones soft and comfortable. The patterns aren’t all overly cutesy, so they’re great headphones if your kids are growing into tweens before your eyes.

best headphones for kidsBasic headphones when you carpool like crazy

If you’re the mom who carpools on three-hour field trips or sports tournaments, it can never hurt to have a couple backup pairs of headphones on hand. The Sony MDR-222KD Children’s Headphones with Over-The-Head Design are functional, streamlined and perfect to keep in the car (Amazon, $11). The lightweight headphones still have a volume-limiting feature, but they’re inexpensive enough that you won’t mind — too much — when they get stepped on or knocked out of the car.

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