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My oldest daughter loves to get some quality time with her tablet. I have zero issue with this as long as she keeps learning something useful through play. We quickly embraced the Osmo system. We recently added Coding Awbie to our rotation, a fun game that teaches logic skills and problem solving through an adorable little character named Awbie. Coding for kids

Learn a little about Osmo

Let’s start off by talking about the Osmo brand. Five years ago two fathers set out to make an amazing game, but also to incorporate hands-on play, from there Tangible Play was created. The Osmo brand creates educational games and uses various game pieces to keep gets engaged with their hands. These pieces range from coding directions and buttons, to play money and pretend pizzas, to Hot Wheels cars! Since its beginning, Osmo won numerous awards, and continues to keep children learning through interactive, hands-on play!

Introduce kids to coding with Osmo’s Coding Awbie

Coding Awbie introduce kids to coding in a fun, child-friendly way. The game features Awbie, a fun character that loves strawberries. Our child completely controls Awbie’s movements as they go on an adventure to eat as many strawberries as possible. The game utilizes tangible blocks children can pick up and move in the order they like. We also love the great feature that allows multiple kids to play together.

Osmo coding game

Win Osmo goodies just in time for Easter

With Easter right around the corner Osmo’s Coding Awbie is a perfect addition to your child’s basket as an alternative to candy and chocolates. We are thrilled to be teaming up with our friends at Osmo to share some of the fun with you! In addition to our Twitter Party where you can win some of these amazing games, we will be sharing some fun crafts with Osmo as well. You can find them here

Osmo’s YouTube channel is full of fun ‘how to’ that your kids will love to watch! Subscribe to make sure you don’t miss them! You will also want to check them out on their socials, Facebook and Instagram, for more fun tips and giveaways!

Coding Awbie will be 30% off (for US residents only) from March 20-29th.

Prizing for the #HopIntoCoding Twitter Party
  • Osmo Numbers and Osmo IPad Base
  • Coding Awbie and Osmo iPad base – 3 chances to win!
  • The Complete Osmo Coding Collection: Coding Awbie, Coding Jam, Coding Duo, Osmo iPad base, Osmo iPhone base

Participate in our chat on Twitter by answering the questions asked by @savvysassymoms and send a response tweet to @savvysassymoms with your answer and use the hashtag #HopIntoCoding

    Please note that you must RSVP to win prizes and be 18 years old to enter. Prizing is open to US and Canadian residents only. We will contact winners via DM after the Twitter party.

    Have your kids shown an interest in coding?


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    1. We love Osmos I don’t have both of the coding, osmos was recommended to us and that was thing for us.

    2. Thank you for sharing, my daughter is just the right age to start coding and I’m sure she would like Osmo. See you tonight! @jehousel

    3. So intrigued by all the new coding materials. Creating future inventors! @jamiejamiemay RSVP’D and can’t wait to #HopIntoCoding with my children

    4. Whoohoo! We’d love the awbie it looks so fun! We play the coding numbers and my daughters love it!

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