Seeing double: Baby gear for twins

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2016 Baby Gear Favorites for Twins

Twins! Long gone are the days when having twins meant needing two of everything! Now, there are savvy products that help parents manage day-to-day life with two babies… and, most of them do it without losing even a touch of style.

2016 Baby gear for twins
1. Remember the little moments

If keeping track of one baby’s big milestones wasn’t already hard enough with mommy brain, imagine having two to remember! Thankfully, these cute cards hit all of the moments you’ll want to hold onto forever, with special cards made specifically for milestones that only twins will have. (Milestone Baby Cards for Twins, available on, $34)

2. Makin’ bottles… and making them fast

Everything is a race against the clock when you have twins… and especially if you have twins who are both hungry at the same time. We’re already big fans of the Baby Brezza Formula Pro and with its ability to make two perfect formula bottles in under a minute, parents of twins will fall in love with it, too. (Baby Brezza Formula Pro, available at Babies R Us, $180)

3. Rock a bye, Babies

Parents of twins who are lucky enough to have them on the same sleep schedule will love having them in one of these cradles, which are designed to do double the rocking without double the work. When you’re done using it as a cradle, flip it up on its side to create a chic, useful bookshelf! (Babyhome So-Ro Twin Cradle, buybuy Baby, $600)

4. Double trouble tees

There are countless cute and cheeky tees for twins out there, but these are our absolute favorite. Available in gender neutral colors that will easily fit in the wardrobe of baby girls or boys (or, one of each!), we hope that this means you’ll never have to count to 20 again! (I’ll Hide and I’ll Seek Graphic T-Shirts, Modish and Co., $25 each)

5. Twins on-the-go

Braving heading out of the house with two babies might seem like an impossible feat… especially as a first-time parent, but thankfully you have strollers like this one in your corner. With an add-on sibling seat that makes going out with twins a breeze, you can kiss being housebound goodbye! (Stokke Crusi Stroller with Sibling Seat, starts at $1249)

Do you have twins? What products do you love?

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