Easy DIY fidget spinner crafts

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This past summer’s hottest toy has undeniably been the fidget spinner. Often times I’ll see kids with one for each hand — and even more! Do you have a fidget spinner at home? I’m thinking yes. Well, who doesn’t? We have some easy DIY fidget spinner crafts we think your children will love!

Fidget spinner splatter paint

Easy DIY fidget spinner crafts

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This is a great craft for little ones and older kids leading into their preteen years!

  1. Place the fidget spinner on any poster board. (We chose black for a neon effect.)
  2. Spin the fidget spinner and pour acrylic paint over the spinner while it is spinning!
  3. Layer on different colors to create crazy designs!
Fidget spinner wheel

Easy DIY fidget spinner crafts Easy DIY fidget spinner crafts Easy DIY fidget spinner crafts

Do you remember the spirograph toys from the 80s? This is a fun, modern twist on a craft you and I used to love!

  1. Cut out small circles that fit atop of the fidget spinner.
  2. Cut out an inner circle to house the centre of the spinner.
  3. Spin the spinner, and using washable markers, lightly place the marker on top of the paper. The spinner will do most of the work for you!

At both Savvy Sassy households, our kids have been totally geeking out over the fidget spinner. Sometimes Lisa even catches her 20 year-old-daughter taking one for a spin. Jenna’s son carries one around at all times. You might say we’re a little spin-crazy.

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What else can you do with a fidget spinner?

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