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Lots of things excite us day to day, but few things excite us more than having wine delivered straight to our doorstep. Intrigued? We were, too! As moms to multiple children, we’ve really learned to hone in our wine drinking skills as the years have gone by. However, we are far from sommelier status, and jumped at the opportunity to give the Bright Cellars Wine Club a try!


How Bright Cellars works

Bright Cellars isn’t just a wine subscription service. They’ve worked hard to design a customized experience and make sure to bring you wines that you will enjoy based on your tastes.The masterminds behind Bright Cellars created a special wine quiz to get to know you better. Answering a series of simple questions about what flavors you enjoy, what types of drinks you prefer, and even what your favorite candy gives them a peek at where your tastes might lie. They compile the information to build you a profile and then match a selection of wines to your preferences.


Then, Bright Cellars sends four wines matching your profile to you each month. You have the final say so before they ship any wine. You can state if you would prefer to have reds versus whites or a combination.


Special wine delivery

Once your personalized wine selections have been approved, a shipment will land on your doorstep within the week. Each bottle is carefully wrapped in a protective crate, and there is almost as much fun opening it as there is in drinking it. In addition to each wine being perfectly curated to your tastes, Bright Cellars packs their packages so that the experience of enjoyment begins with your eyes. The bottles are beautifully wrapped in decorative tissue paper and secured with a humorous sticker.  They also include bright inserts full of tips, recipe suggestions, and information to help enhance your wine tasting experience.


Sip. Share. Save.

One of our favorite parts of the Bright Cellars membership (aside from the taste testing), is the ability to get great savings and earn fabulous rewards. Read: free wine!

After you’ve taste tested your wine selections, you log in to your account and rate each bottle. Bright Cellars keeps track of your favorites and will then alert you if a past favorite goes on sale. They also use that information to provide you with better matches the next time you order. If you share that you absolutely did not like one of the bottles, they will provide a replacement bottle better suited to your tastes in your next shipment.


You also have the ability to share the experience with your friends and family.  If someone signs up for a membership based on your recommendation, you earn a free bottle of wine! Now that’s something to cheers about!


Win Bright Cellars for yourself

One loyal — and lucky! — SSM reader join the coolest new club and win a 3 month subscription to Bright Cellars. You will win four bottles of wine per month for three months, all customized to your personal tastes. They land right on your doorstep. Double cheers! Enter the Bright Cellars Giveaway today for a chance to win!

Discover wines you love with the Bright Cellars Wine Club Subscription.

Take the Bright Cellars quiz now and see what wines will appear on your doorstep!

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