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Are you that person that drinks only one type of wine because that’s all you know? Or how about that person who only drinks one type of wine because that’s all you think you like? Do you drink wine in general because wine is wonderful and anytime is a great time for wine, especially wine that comes to your door, every month, without fail, for a great price, from people who also love wine? Then you sound like someone who would love My Cave Box, a new monthly wine subscription service from the wonderful people at The Cave and Ventura Wine Company, a gourmet restaurant and wine market in California.

Learn about My Cave Box

If you live in the Southern California area, do your tastebuds a favor and take a trip to Ventrua County. There, you will find The Ventura Wine Company. Founded in 2001, this 3000 square foot, family-owned, retail wine store houses 2500 different wines, as well as gourmet treats and gifts. Hidden deep inside this market, you can find a gem of a restaurant called The Cave, which offers some of the best food and wine around. From beginner to foodie, everyone loves The Cave.

With so many years of offering wine suggestions, Nicole, the General Manager and founder’s daughter, had been frequently asked to create gift boxes for loyal customers. She found herself shipping out of state so often, the MyCaveBox was born. MyCaveBox is a hand-curated, fully customizable, monthly wine subscription service bringing amazing wines to you. Wine comes straight to your door, as often as you like. You don’t even have to put on real pants.

What you get with My Cave Box

MyCaveBox offers several different options to accommodate your budget and need. Choose from monthly, bimonthly, quarterly and one-time shipment then just pick your price. Forty five dollars will get you 3 every day, while still delicious bottles priced from $10-$20 per bottle, or go for the $90 box with 3 unique or specialty bottles valued at $25-$50 per bottle. In addition to the great wine, you can also opt to get lifestyle accessories like a glittery wine glass, gorgeous upcycled handmade candles, or other wine accessories. You really can’t go wrong.

For my box, I considered my husband and I (both avid wine drinkers) and requested a big and full-bodied red, a light to medium-bodied red and a light and fruity white. What we got were three wines I would have never picked for myself but I’m so glad I tried – a delicious 2014 Pinot Noir from Fog Theory, a big tasty 2014 Zinfandel from Carol Shelton ‘Wild Thing’ and, hands down, my new favorite white, a 2016 Pinot Grigio from J Dusi.

As a special surprise, my box came with the most gorgeous, glittery mini bottle of Chandon. Luckily, the day my package arrived we had dinner plans at a friends house. I mean, the best kind of plans, the ones where they have kids your own kid’s ages and you never see them the whole time because NEW TOYS. I consider that the perfect time to try out some new wines. Not only did we all love tasting all the different kinds of wines, but I also looked like the wine pro to my friends. That’s a win-win in my book.

Why try a wine subscription

So, are you asking yourself why a wine subscription? Well, for one it’s wine… that comes to you. But if you need more reasons I’ve compiled a list. For starters, if you’re like me, you’re in a book club that is just a cover for getting together with your besties and having a few glasses. Be the girl with the good wine every time. You can also be that one friend that people say, “I just love visiting her, she always has the best wine on hand.” Like I mentioned earlier, it’s a great way to get introduced to great wines you would have walked by before. You have the chance to grow out of your comfort zone and try a new style. Cabernets scare me but I’m willing to try if I get a great recommendation.

Here’s one, how many times have you gotten home from the store only to realize you forgot to buy the wine? Now it feels too late to go back? Don’t live this nightmare again! Also, who doesn’t like a “surprise” gift to yourself every month? Anyone who does a monthly makeup subscription box knows what I mean. It’s like Christmas. Lastly, and most importantly, you have children. Children are adorable and exhausting. You deserve it.

If my list of reasons has inspired you, then head on over to MyCaveBox and start your monthly subscription. And right now the very nice people at MyCaveBox are offering you $10 off your first box with the code SAVVYWINE. Cheers!


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