Cameron Hughes wine

Cameron Hughes: Signature wines at affordable prices

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The holidays are the perfect time to share a favorite wine with friends and family. Wine has become as much an important part of social gatherings as the decor, the holiday menu and the guest list. But over the past decade or so, wine has moved into our daily lives as well — not just as the party guest. Whether it’s a glass of wine with dinner, with neighborhood friends at the monthly Bunco game or even at the tailgate party before the big game, wine has become a part of our culture. But many of us don’t have the knowledge — or the budget — to truly enjoy fine wines, so we make do with the selection at the grocery store and take a gamble with wines that are priced right for the occasion. That’s why you need to get acquainted with Cameron Hughes wine.

Cameron Hughes wine

Cameron Hughes wine is a cut above

Another winery to memorize? Not a winery, but a label. When you choose Cameron Hughes wine you are choosing an exceptionally fine wine from some of the greatest vineyards all over the world — bottled with the Cameron Hughes name on the label. Based in San Francisco, the concept behind Cameron Hughes is a departure from the traditional way we purchase our wines. Watch this video episode of “Best & Brightest” (by media company Relativity Coin) for the story on Cameron Hughes wine and why they may become your new favorite label.

Watch the video of the dynamic couple behind Cameron Hughes wine and learn why the Wine Industry is very similar to the Fashion Industry!? And this company lets their employees bring their dogs to work!?  {We want to work here}

”Cameron Hughes wine works like a virtual winery,” shares founder Cameron Hughes. “We started off buying bulk wine, but high-end bulk wine, and we would bottle it and sell it. Over the years since we’ve gotten bigger we’ve developed our own wine-making operations and now we have partner wineries actually around the globe where we make wine together. What makes us different in this space is we don’t have all the overhead that you attribute to all the other wineries,” he adds. “We don’t own vineyards, we don’t own a winery. We are completely virtual in that sense. All of our assets are people.”

Delivered to your door

‘Tis the season for crazy amounts of shopping, planning and last-minute errands. Why add one more to-do to your list? Buying Cameron Hughes wine couldn’t be easier. Their website is packed with information about each lot of wine they have for sale, down to where the grapes were grown and the flavors present in each particular lot. Your choices are safely delivered to your front door — no fumbling around in the grocery store wine department.

Cameron Hughes wine

Quality wines that are affordable

Fine wine from your favorite vintners can be cost-prohibitive to serve on more than just special occasions. The quality and depth of the wine selection Cameron Hughes offers is exceptional. Not only are they affordable enough for casual enjoyment, but high quality enough for your holiday gatherings with family and friends.

This holiday season, treat yourself to the exceptional quality of Cameron Hughes wines delivered right to your door!


We’re making it easy for our savvy readers to try Cameron Hughes wine. Want to win a $100 gift card to enjoy your first Cameron Hughes wine? Details below.

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Disclosure: We were provided with selections from the Cameron Hughes collection to sample before writing this post. All savvy and sassy opinions are my own.



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  1. I love that the wines are affordable AND quality! I can’t wait to try them.

  2. Cameron Hughes started off buying bulk wine ( high-end bulk wine) and they would bottle it and sell it.

  3. Wine…delivered to your door?! Where have I been that I didn’t know about this til now! Must play catch up on tasting all of these

  4. I love that I don’t have to actually leave the house to get a really quality bottle of wine. Usually, I’d spend AGES searching the town for really good (yet cheap!) wine, and this is a perfect solution!

  5. I love that the wine is delivered straight to your door! 🙂 Bringing the merriment right to your home!

  6. I learned and love that they can be delivered right to your door.

  7. I was introduced to CH wines at Costco. Just learned that they also deliver (which is my favorite way to buy wine!)

  8. Like a lot of the other mamas said….wine delivered to your door is an AMAZING service! I’m sold!

  9. I’ve been trying to branch out and try more wines instead of just sticking to my faves. This would be a great way to do that! And wine delivery at home is the best idea ever.

  10. I love trying new wines and I think it’s amazing that they are a completely virtual wine store!

  11. I can personally vouch for these wines as being exceptional! Great service, ordered and had my wine at my front door within days!

  12. I learned that Cameron Hughes wine comes from vineyards all over the world!

  13. They let employees bring their dogs to work?? yikes! Guess they have never seen the FIOS commerical

  14. I love wine and love special deliveries – how awesome to have the 2 combined! Seriously, being able to order the essentials (re:wine) and have them directed to my doorstep has been a lifesaver for this first time mom!

  15. I love that they ship it right to my house makes life easy!

  16. I learned that Cameron Hughs distributes ultra-premium wine under five wine labels; The Lot Series, Hughes Wellman, Cameron Hughes California, Greenlip and Zin Your Face

  17. Love that you can get wine shipped to your door, and the prices are so affordable!

  18. I find it interesting that their wine comes from vineyards all over the world (not just a single vineyard, like most wine companies)!

  19. nothing better than a nice glass of wine at the end of a long stressful day 🙂

  20. I learned they have lots of upcoming events! Also learned Most retailers buy our wine by the truckload and then self-distribute the wine to their stores. When wine is sold online, there are a whole host of additional expenses occur.

  21. Wine brought right to my door? Oh yes, yes, yes, yes please!

    And I have enjoyed Cameron Hughes wine before – and I do mean enjoy! 🙂

  22. That the wines are from all over the world, yet their operations are basically “virtual”!!

  23. I think it’s really interesting how they work as a group buying the wines. I really liked his statement “All of our assets are people.”

  24. I love they have a wine club. I am not a fan of whites but loves reds

  25. All of their assets are people. That’s so cool, they don’t have vineyard and all that. Its virtual. SO original. Hope I get a chance to try the yumminess!

  26. I love that their wines are affordable and they deliver to your door!

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