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Send holiday keepsake gifts with the Keepy app

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Holiday keepsake gifts are special

Skip the espresso maker or scarf you were planning to give Grandma for Christmas and give her something dear to her heart — homemade art from the grandkids! You know that adorable handprint turkey your child made at school for Thanksgiving? The Keepy app allows you to simply snap a picture, record a video of your child describing the artwork and instantly share it as a keepsake gift with family and loved ones.

Drowning in kid art?

You want to keep every art project, but there just isn’t enough room on the refrigerator door. You can free up space by storing and organizing any proud parent moment — a straight A report card, a macaroni necklace or a painting — all in one place. It comes equipped with photo editing tools to tweak lighting, colors and cropping tools. Keepy makes it efficient to take, tag and store an image of your child’s artwork — clutter free.

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Grandmas, grandpas, aunts and uncles are your kids biggest “fans”. Keepy has a great video component that really helps families feel connected in sharing in the moments. Kids (or Mom and Dad) can record a video describing the photo.  Even Grandma and Grandpa can leave video comments for the kids.

Seeing your child’s progress in a timeline is an amazing gift to be shared with loved ones. Keepy lets you organize, enhance, share, admire and save artwork forever. Kids homemade art is the kind of holiday gift that can mean the most.

The Keepy app is available on iTunes for free. There is an option to purchase additional or unlimited storage space.


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