Soleil Moonfrye Launches a Creative Photo App

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It used to be that you were only able to share photos of your family vacations and very special occasions, but now thanks to mobile devices and all the photo sharing apps we have the capability to share our lives instantaneously. Smiles are sent in mere seconds, daily activities such as cooking, baking and a day at the park can be shared with family and friends within seconds of real-time. Sometimes, to enhance the extra-special cuteness of a daily moment it’s fun to jazz up those photos a bit with special apps. Thanks to photo enhancing apps you can add text, make collages and add some fun doodles to your photos.

And now you can create an entire scrapbook-like theme with fun scenes and stickers with the new Moonfrye App. The Moonfrye App is an extension of Soleil Moonfrye – on the heels of her announcement that she is pregnant with her third child, Soliel Moonfrye has delivered an App which has a variety of fun themes for you to choose from to make your pictures really pop. We’re not just talking text here, but full page themes and stickers to add to all your photos.

My daughter and I gave this app a try and she loved playing around with all the themes and stickers.  She’s 8 and was able to quickly create these fun pictures faster than I was. I also had a hard time figuring out how to delete one of the stickers I placed on a photo and she said “Mom, you just double click on it and it goes away!” Goes to show you how fun and easy this app is to use.

Capture, Decorate and Share Themed Family Photo Creations

Moonfrye App Collage

McKenna Circus Moonfrye App

Not only can you select a fun theme but you can also do cut-outs of people from any photo and add them into a theme, making for some original and unique photos for sharing.  This app is like a silly dress up photobooth without having to be in an actual photobooth.  In fact, this app is also a little bit like photoshop and Instagram mixed into one.  After creating your crafty picture you can send to someone in e-mail and post it to all your social media channels.

The Moonfrye App also has a section of DIY crafting tutorials so you can literally create, craft and capture all from this exciting App.  The Moonfrye brand and blog is all about inspiring creativity and seeking out the fun in everyday so it’s really no surprise that the Moonfrye App is perfect for mobile families creating memories each and every day.

Moonfrye Photo AppDetails about the Moonfrye App

•   The Moonfrye mobile app revolutionizes the way parents engage creatively with their children, online and off.  It helps families create, organize, and share photographs, memories, and inspiration.

•   Fun and unique themes appeal to parents and children alike, with two new themes available for free over-the-air download each week.  Each theme features its own unique audio and themed stickers.

•   The App offers two different photo options: a photo cutout or a collage.  The cutout uses an innovative auto-detect that cuts people out of backgrounds and plugs them into your theme of choice.

•   Both options have the ability to be decorated with text overlay and themed stickers.  Additional themes and collectible characters can be unlocked by both social sharing and usage.

•   We are also adding an option to “create your own theme” where you can plug an image of your choosing into a background of your choosing.

Moonfrye App

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