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When the end of the summer comes around, we are all focused on getting the right back to school gear for our kids. Once they are back in the swing of things and homework starts coming home, the panic begins to set in as we try to brush up on all the information we will need to support our kids. As parents, we want our children to succeed in school and thrive academically. We think about tutors, if our kids will need them and when, and how we will find the right one for our kids. We wonder how many times we should take them to the library to keep on top of everything they will need to learn and wonder how we will support our kids when they come home with questions about what they are learning and set them up for academic success.

This is where Course Hero comes in. Course Hero is a great digital resource that parents and children can use together to help make learning more exciting and effective. Instead of heading to the library at the last minute when your kids are on a deadline to complete that project, you can jump on to Course Hero’s online learning platform. The platform connects a community of over 20 million students and educators to find and share knowledge and study resources from anywhere, at any time, ultimately resulting in a deeper understanding of subject matter.

Giving them the tools to thrive

This is a great platform to introduce your kids to as they enter high school so that they learn how to study and access information in a time efficient and effective way. Course Hero’s features – including online tutors and customizable digital flashcards – help learners of all types better understand subject matter. So by the time you send them off to college, you will feel at ease knowing that they have the tools to thrive on their own.

A library in the 21st Century

Course Hero’s massive, crowd-sourced online library contains more than 18 million course-specific and campus-specific study resources like online study guides, course notes, practice problems and more. All of the content is also available on Course Hero’s mobile apps for Apple and Android, so students can to get help from anywhere, whenever they need it.

Something for every learner

Every child learns differently, and a textbook can make it difficult for students who are visual learners. Course Hero’s Literature Study Guides are perfect for students (or parents) looking to better understand the themes from classic works frequently assigned by teachers as required readings. There are 325 guides available from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn to Winnie-The-Pooh. Each guide features a visually stunning infographic, a character and plot diagram, a timeline highlighting key events and more. As I look back on my own education, I would have benefitted greatly from the diversity of literature and resources from Course Hero.

Course Hero helps your child reach new levels of academic success by providing resources that foster deeper learning, and a place to ask questions and get the help needed to fully understand the answers!

Our #SavvySassySchoolDays Giveaway included a Brain Booster Care Pack from Course Hero, which included:

  • Book pillow: In one study, young adults who napped for 90 minutes showed significant improvements in memory. But other research suggests even naps that last a few minutes can increase alertness. Sleep provides a time when the brain’s synapses — the connections among neurons — shrink back by nearly 20 percent. During this time, the synapses rest and prepare for the next day, when they will grow stronger while receiving new input — that is, learning new things.
  • Course Hero-branded Sunglasses: Low vitamin D levels are associated with poorer brain function.
  • Board game: Challenging your brain with mind-training exercises can keep your brain fit. This can be something as simple as doing crossword puzzles or playing board games that get you thinking.
  • Hulu gift card to watch funny movies: A hearty laugh may be the key to solving a tough problem, since research suggests laughing encourages people to think more creatively.
  • Trail mix: Nuts and seeds pack nutrients that seriously boost cognitive performance; the flavonols in dark chocolate offer a short-term boost in cognitive skills
  • Water bottle: Research shows that when we’re thirsty, we have more difficulty keeping our attention focused. Dehydration can impair short-term memory function and the recall of long-term memory. The ability to perform mental arithmetic, like calculating whether or not you’ll be late for class if you hit snooze for another 15 minutes, is compromised when your fluids are low.
  • Course Hero subscription for one year: The winner will need to create the account themselves, agree to the normal terms of service and let us know their email to grant the access. We must make sure this information is clarified.

Disclosure: Course Hero sponsored this post. All opinions, as always, are our own. 

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