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Brand to watch: PLAE Shoes

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Meet PLAE shoes

Created by a professional shoe designer dad in an effort to give his own kids shoes that actually work with the way that their little growing feet develop, PLAE Shoes aren’t just functional, they’re super fun and stylish, too. 

Let’s talk about function

PLAE Shoes

Top row:
PLAE Shoes Ty in Lavender/Indigo, $55 and up
PLAE Shoes Emme in Pink/Berry, $50 and up

Bottom row:
PLAE Shoes Ty in Navy/Limestone, $55 and up
PLAE Shoes Roan in Black, $60 and up

As a mom with a kiddo who has issues with her feet and the way she walks, I was stoked to see how PLAE Shoes fit my daughter. Typically, she prefers shoes that are super lightweight and flexible, but oftentimes, that leaves a lot to be desired in the support and longevity categories.

PLAE Shoes were a great match. I loved that they were super easy to get on and that the toe and heel box was wide enough that she had room to wiggle her toes and not have any pinching in the back. And, once we Velcro-ed the tabs, I could tell that they would stay on her feet, no matter how much dancing, playing or running she did.

The thoughtful features of PLAE shoes are undeniable — these were obviously created by a parent who is in the trenches of parenthood! To name a few of my personal favorites: washable anti-bacterial inserts to prevent stinky shoes and feet, materials that are eco-friendly and awesome traction points on the sole for when outside play gets slippery.

And, let’s talk about fun

PLAE Shoes Straps

PLAE Shoes Tabs, $5 and up

There’s no doubt that PLAE shoes are awesome and that your kids are going to love them as soon as they come out of the box, but do you know what they’re really going to flip for? The interchangeable tabs! Available by the pair ($5 for two tabs) or by the set ($25 for eight tabs), your kids can literally have a new pair of shoes for every day of the week, if they’d like. The tabs are pretty easy to get in and out (my 6-year-old needed a bit of help to get started), but they are secure enough that you won’t be searching the house for them before school each morning.

Get out and PLAE

My daughter, Meg, gave PLAE a rave review on a few features. First of all, they got major bonus points for having a bit of sparkle to them (I loved that they weren’t covered in sparkles and glitter, which I know end up just falling off with play). Meg also loved that they felt “squishy” on her feet and she played in them for hours outside, straight out of the box, without complaining of any rubbing or discomfort. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up from this girl… and her mom!

Is your family already a fan of PLAE Shoes?

Disclosure: A pair of PLAE Shoes was provided to the writer for review. All savvy and sassy opinions are her own.

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