Circus Animals

Bring in the elephants! Circus animal style for babies and toddlers

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The biggest stars of the circus are, by far, the animals! Check out these baby and toddler fashions that feature all of our favorite circus animals, from the elephants to the lions and every creature in between.

Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls!

Circus Animals

Lions and tigers and bears…oh, my

These circus animals come with a lot of teeth and a growl that’s even bigger than your toddler’s when he’s overdue for a nap, but these sweet circus animal shirts, onesies and outfits, clad with some of the circus’ biggest stars, are safe as can be.

Top row:
Trapped in My Belly Tee, Threadless, $18
Lion King Toddler Tee
, Threadless, $18

Bottom row:
Graphic Bodysuit, Old Navy, $4
Nautical Graphic Bodysuit, Old Navy, $7
Jersey Set with Printed Design, H&M, $13


Circus Animals

 All about elephants

If there’s one circus animal that is on-trend in toddler and baby fashion right now, it has to be the elephant. From whimsical to graphic, elephants are a fun way to incorporate some circus fun into your little one’s wardrobe.

Top row:
E is for Elephant Tee, WessyBaby on Etsy, $11
Elephant Shirt, Sunshine Mountain Tees, on Etsy, $16
Jersey Set, H&M, $10

Bottom row:
Toy Elephant Print Kimono Bodysuit, GAP, $15
The Day the Fire Brigade Went on Strike One Piece, Threadless, $18
Printed Bodysuit, Old Navy, $10

Do your kids have a favorite circus animal?

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