Personalized Loot Bag Ideas

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When it comes to birthday parties, what do the kids look forward to the most? LOOT BAGS! Not only loot bags, but personalized loot bags…they go a long way! Every year, we start thinking about loot bags as early as we can! While it’s super easy to run to the Dollar store to get some stuff to throw into a bag, you end up spending money on a bunch of crap that no parents want their kids to have! We do our best to create our own fun and USEFUL loot bags that kids and parents will enjoy! Here are some loots bags we have created!

Personalized Crayon Loot Bags

DIY Crayons have been hugely popular! Make name crayons, shapes, or whatever else your heart desires! All you need are crayons, moulds and an oven! Click here to get step by step instructions! Pack them up in a pencil case for an added item or wrap them in cellophane with a colouring book and your ready to roll!

Personalized Jersey loot bags

With a HUGE sports lover in our family, jerseys were the perfect take home for the kids at my sons hockey party! There are many places on line that make it easy for you to create personalized jerseys, t-shirts, sweatshirts and more! The kids loved wearing them while the played at the party and have loved them for years to come! Such a great take home!

Personalized Hockey Stick loot bags

Speaking of the Dollar store, head over there to pick up plain white mini sticks. Then, with a sharpie, personalize them with each kids name! They are super cute and last forever! I would highly recommend this easy and cute loot bag idea!

Personalized Bucket and Shovel loot bag

When planning a little kids birthday party, personalized buckets and shovels are a super cute loot bag! They are bright and fun for kids and there is no need to worry about a chocking hazard! They are fun to play with in the sand at the park or even in the bath tub at home. Again, write their names on it and you’re good to go! The added thought goes a long way!

Personalized playlist loot bag

Every parent gets tired of listening to the same old kids songs day in and day out! Creating a play list of your kids favourite songs is a great loot bag! It is a refreshing loot bags for parents and kids! Once you make the list, put them onto a CD or give everyone a USB with the songs. Then, throw in a shaker and a tambourine and you’ve got the most musical loot bag around!

Name bracelet loot bag

Who doesn’t love their own name around their wrist? Head over to Amazon or your craft store and order some colourful beads and letter beads to make name bracelets for your guests. It sounds like a big job, but we promise, it’s WAY faster to make these than the crayons! Here’s a tip from one mom o another: Create a patter for the girls and the boys so that no one complains that they like their friends bracelet better. Everyone gets the same, what makes it different is their name! The kids will go ga-ga over this amazing gift!

We are always looking for ideas, so share yours below!

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