Disney Princess Loot bags (plus other personalized loot bag ideas!)

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After an incredible time at Disney, Addi decided that she wanted a Disney Princesses theme for her party. Can you blame her? When planning a party, I always start with the loot bag, in this case Disney Princess Loot bags, and then work my way backwards. When it comes to loot bags, there is nothing I hate more than a bag of useless stuff. After all, as parents, we spend a lot of money on the loot bags, so the thought of another parent getting a bunch of useless stuff that will just end up in the garbage is upsetting. I feel like the money needs to be well spent!

Personalized Loot Bags for the Win

I love personalized loot bags. I think that they are special for the kids and everyone goes home happy. In the past, we have done personalized CD’s, personalized buckets and shovels, personalized placemats, jerseys and this year letter crayons!

Our Disney Princess Loot Bags

I went online and ordered Disney themed coloring books, purchased Disney themed socks (since we were having a gymnastics party) and then started the project of making our own personalized crayons.

Give the DIY crayon post a read for a step-by-step process on how to make them! Let us know what other Princess loot bags you have made!

What kind of personalized loot bags have you made?

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