You’ve Been Boo’d!

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I have to admit Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. When I was little my mom and I would head to Piece Goods and pick out my costume pattern and the necessary fabric. Being the rock star that she was, that handmade costume was usually sewn in the wee hours of the morning. It was always perfect down the the smallest detail. My mom would also do amazing decorations in the house full of vintage paper pumpkins and old antique ghosts. Lastly, we would have a circle of ghosts in our front yard, holding hands around a tree- spooky!

Creating Halloween traditions with our kids

Now that I am an adult with my own kids, I want to recreate my same fondness for this magical holiday. Since I don’t sew, making their costumes is out (sorry kids). One of our favorite traditions is “BOOing” our neighbors. If you have never heard of this it is really simple.

You get some holiday themed goodies together – fun stickers, or candies, or even sippy cups for the kids, and put them in a cute box or bucket and leave them on a neighbor’s door. The key is that it is anonymous- drop you goodies, ring the bell and RUN! You leave a cute sign with the goodies to tell them that they have been BOO’d so they may put it on their door, to let others know they have already been treated. It is then their turn to keep the game going, and leave some Halloween fun on someone else’s doorstep.

Simple ideas for holiday fun

The baskets you leave certainly don’t have to be anything elaborate, just a few cute holiday items to put a smile on your neighbor’s face. Don’t be afraid to hit the Dollar Spot at Target, many items below are from there! This year we got a lovely bucket filled with cute kitty cat cups for my oldest two, an adorable “First Halloween” bib for the baby, a stemless wine glass for me (praise!), some Halloween bandaids, stickers and a cute notepad, etc. The kids were so excited to find this fun gift on the porch. We just moved into this house a couple months ago, and it was such a nice way to feel welcomed.

Grownups can Be Booed, too!

There are plenty of ideas on Pinterest. I found free printables for my cute sign and tags for our BOOing from this site. Also, if you kids are grown don’t think you can’t participate. I have plenty of friends without children who load up a cute bucket with a bottle or two off Fall Beer or wine and leave it on a friend’s porch. They tell their neighbor they have been “BOOZEd”. However you want to play is fine- keep it fun and spread that Halloween spirit!

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