My kids saved and bought themselves a Kindle Fire

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The holiday season has come and gone but today felt like Christmas to me!  I watched as my kids walked into Best Buy and bought their very own Kindle Fire.  Yup, they saved their past birthday money, Christmas money from the relatives and other miscellaneous small chore money, put it all together and bought a Kindle Fire.

We were not able to spoil the kids and buy them everything they wanted for Christmas, in fact we did not have much to spend at all.   Santa was a very light this year.  This made me feel bad, and that somehow Christmas was ruined because they would not have tons of awesome gifts to unwrap.   Typically in years past we would have totally just ran out and bought the latest tech toy for them without even thinking about having them save for it or earning it.  It’s as if we all just seem to buy whatever our children want,  when they want it and no questions asked.  Trust me, we were very guilty of doing this in the past.  My son has literally even said “Moms the buyer” (gulp)

Sure, we could have just ordered it online and it would have magically appeared on our door step, but we wanted to take them through the entire process.  We literally went to the bank and got the cash out of their savings account.  McKenna was putting down $120.00 for the Kindle Fire and Hudson was giving $100.00.  (Yes, she has a bit more ownership and she knows it;)  Then we walked them into Best Buy and showed them the price and took them to the register to physically pay for it themselves.  Having them hand over the cash was a magical moment for me.  That is what it is suppose to happen when we want things.  We work hard, we save and we have to make choices.

McKenna (7) had a lot of opportunities to spend her money on other things, but she wanted that Kindle.  Her mind was made up, she sacrificed, she was patient and kept her eye on the prize.  Now, Hudson (5) would have blown all his money on Chuckee Cheese tokens so clearly we put away some of his money without him even knowing he had it.  Not only have my kids learned a valuable lesson but I was reminded of this very important lesson as well.  I was so proud of them and well “us” as a family it gave me goosebumps.  I could have cried (seriously).  I will never forget today and I hope they won’t ever forget it either.

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  1. what a great lesson for McKenna and Hudson.They seem so proud. McKenna is beaming

  2. That shot of them getting their change is priceless! Thank you so much for sharing this story. This is a magical lesson, and it brought tears to my eyes, as well. It reminded me of when my mom encouraged me to save up to buy a toy I wanted when I was 8 — I never forgot the feeling of empowerment.

    And, paying cash is such a great way of making it “real.” If only every time we spent money, we remembered what a miracle it all is. Thank you for this. I’m going cherish this story.

  3. what a fabulous life lesson They are just too much for words ……..
    The very telling photos were fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!Very cool!!!!!!!!!

  4. Awesome story!! I’m so excited for them! Yay McKenna and Hudson!

  5. I opened an account for my kid. She has a few hundred bucks in there all from various relatives for various reasons over the years. She is dying for an Ipad. I think it’s amazing that you did this. I think it’s vital to show them that they have to earn this stuff.

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