Holiday Gifts for Teachers

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The Teacher:

Teachers do not want lotion, candles or another coffee mug.  They want something useful like cold hard cash or gift cards.  Let them choose something they really want or have been lusting after.  Do not give them something for their classroom, you wouldn’t give your postman, stamps or your cleaning lady some windex to to do her job, would you?

Find out what they like ahead of time by having the teacher fill out a “My Favorite Things”  list and distribute it to all the parents, this will take all the stress out of guessing.  Do they have a dog, love to travel, knit, plays golf etc… so even your gift cards can be thoughtful and focused around his/her hobbies and interests.

My favorite way to give a gift card is through Tiny Prints, you order a Christmas Card, customize it with your teacher’s name, special greeting, child’s name and then at check out you can select a gift card to go with it.  Your teacher can redeem their TangoCard for any retailer of his/her choice or your teacher can donate the money to his/her favorite charity.  It’s brilliant, I give it a A+

You can also think outside of the box and get creative with tickets to local activities, sporting events, restuarants or a spa.   Another favorite of mine is gift cards to the  movies, a teacher can always use a time out and will always appreciate the “Silence”.

To make sure you are listening to my gift giving advice….

I have a $50.00 Gift Card to Tiny Prints to create
your own custom Christmas Cards for teachers, family or friends!

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1.  What was the BEST and WORST Christmas Gift you’ve ever received?

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Disclosure:  This is a sponsored holiday post, however all my savvy thoughts and sassy feelings are my own.  Tiny Prints created a gift card service that I feel is totally worthy of my readers attention and a savvy sassy promotion.

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  1. My best gift as a teacher was a TJMAXX gift card. My worse gift as a treacher was another Christmas snowman thing.

  2. The worst gift was a fuschia colored “furry” purse – furry like Elmo furry! The best was a digital camera! A million pictures of the kiddies later…

  3. The best was a doll I had wanted and begged my mom for. I wasn’t sure if I would get it because it was expensive for the time.

    The worst was a care bear sweatshirt when I was sixteen from a Grandma that was out of touch with my life.

  4. The best gift was a dollhouse that I had been begging for. The worst was an awful yellow sweatsuit.

  5. Let’s see the best gift I’ve gotten would have to be when I was 12 I received a whole Costco box of Bubbelicious gum. I remember being SO excited about it.

  6. Hi followed Tiny Prints, retweeted, I already lurve you on Facebook 🙂 and the worst gift ever…honestly can’t think of one. I would feel bad..the best.My Macbook Pro!

    Happy Holidays!

  7. My best Christmas gift was a positive pregnancy test!! And a date to close on our first house! Amazing Christmas!
    Worst was an ugly comforter set from my in laws that while on vacation after Christmas they came to my house and put in on our bed! Ugh!!

  8. the best christmas gift I ever got was a positive pregnancy test
    joni dot taylor 3710 at gmail dot com

  9. i follow tiny prints on twitter
    joni dot taylor 3710 at gmail dot com

  10. I like you on facebook
    joni taylor
    joni dot taylor 3710 at gmail dot com

  11. The worse gift was a coffe pot from my husvand of course. I don’t drink coffee..he does

  12. My best Chritmas present was a cruise from my mom. The worst was a box of Swiss Miss hot chocolate, lol.

  13. The best gift I ever received was the Star Wars Trilogy as a kid, the inner geek in me still loves this memory! The worst-the first year my husband and I were dating he got me nothing but camo clothing. I know he was excited to take me hunting, but a girl needs a little pink!

  14. the worst is a regifted cook book!!

    the best is pajamas…i live in them

  15. The best gift I ever received was a pink sapphire ring and the worst gift I ever received was a mini lava lamp plug in night light.

  16. Best gift was a red cashmere sweater. Worst was a rat stuffed animal with a thin piece of leather for a tail with no mouth or nose.

  17. worst was a really small shirt and the best was a new television

  18. The best Christmas gift I received was a trip to Salt Lake City to go skiing at Park City. The worst was a set of dish towels from my father in law.

  19. the best gift i ever got was the births of my boys (dec ’87 & dec ’90) and the worst was a 15 gc to walmart that I had to share with my husband!

    sherwalk at yahoo dot com

  20. follow tiny prints on twitter – sherwalk88

    sherwalk at yahoo dot com

  21. I like you on facebook – sherry walker

    Sherwalk at yahoo dot com

  22. The best Christmas gift I ever recieved was the Tiffany & Co. Eternal Circle pendant – the hubs and I were engaged, living in a tiny apartment in the city & I had just moved hundreds of miles to be with him. It still means so much to me.
    The worst gift I have ever recieved – a GNC giftcard from my dad. Because, I was “putting on some lbs”. And yes, that’s what he wrote on it!!

  23. I love this. My daughter has been wondering what to get her 2nd grade teacher who she absolutely ADORES! This is perfect. My fave gift is always jewelry.

  24. The best Christmas gift I ever got was from a very close friend of mine. He knew how much I loved to cook and he bought me a large set of the emeril pots and pans. This was a long time ago , but I still have those pans because they are so great. The worst present I ever got was from my husband. Sad to say, was a necklace in yellow gold(which I hate) and with a prayer and cross on it. I am not particular religious.

    ceemlovee at yahoo dot com

  25. I followed them on Twitter as UwonderIknow

    ceemlovee at yahoo dot com

  26. I liked you on FB as Christine Holliday

    ceemlovee at yahoo dot com

  27. worst gift (actually given to our family while I was growing up): a bathroom set that included a toliet bowl brush, back scrubber brush and other cheap, random, and otherwise crazy items.

    best gift: gift card to the day spa

  28. The best was my Pug. The worst was a regifted food basket that the food had expired. Yuck.

  29. best gift a microwave and least best gift a bowl of salty cookies
    way 2 much soda

  30. Best is my DD – she was born on xmas day – I really cannot think of the worse x-mas gift. The worst gift I received was for valentine’s day.

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