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Infinity for Girls: One dress, countless possibilities

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One dress, countless possibilities

This dress is a dream come true for girls… especially ones who are entering that dreaded tween fashion phase. The dresses by Infinity for Girls can transform themselves over and over again into countless different styles, just by changing the way you put it on. Brilliant, isn’t it? Maybe these aren’t just a dream come true for girls, but for moms too!

How to wear an infinity dress

Infinity for Girls


Pink Life Infinity Print Dress, Infinity for Girls, $90

While saying that it can be worn an infinite amount of ways might be a tiny bit of an exaggeration, your daughter will always find a new way to style it. The dresses from Infinity for Girls come with spaghetti straps that tie at the top, as well as a larger sash that you can tie up and around in a halter style. Or, tuck the straps down into the dress and simply wear it as a strapless dress — the ruching on the top is strong enough to keep the dress in place while she plays.

The options on the hem were my favorite. Underneath the dress, there are little ties all the way around the hem, so you can tie up the sections you’d like — my daughter loved tying the front up and leaving the back down — to create new looks over and over again. The dress was casual when it was full-length, but as soon as we scrunched it up and tied it underneath the skirt (it’s so easy to do, really!), it instantly became dressier.

Remember that their infinity dresses fit girls ages 4 to 10. As you can see, when tied up in the front, the dress was a bit on the short side on my leggy 9-year-old daughter. I adore that I could have bought this dress for her when she was 4 and she could still be wearing it now! Plus, it makes the cost of the dress seem pretty reasonable when she could have worn it for six whole years, doesn’t it?

Favorites from the Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

There are dozens of fun and gorgeous choices in this year’s collection from Infinity for Girls. These are some of our favorites, if you forced us to pick, but truly, we love them all.

Infinity Dress Gold

Gold Chicks Infinity Print Dress, $90

Chevron Infinity Dress

Light Blue Chevron Infinity Print Dress, $90

Infinity Dress

Red Triangles Infinity Print Dress, $90

Would your daughter love an infinity dress?

Dress for review provided by Infinity for Girls. All opinions are my own.


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