HipChip makes group gift giving easy

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The season for gift giving

Late spring and early summer are prime gift-giving seasons. Besides December holidays, the end of the school year and beginning of summer put the most stress on gift-givers. From teacher appreciation gifts to graduation presents to wedding gifts, May, June and July calendars fill up with events, parties and end-of-the-year good-byes that involve gifts.


HipChip simplifies group gifts

Group gifts let parents and friends simplify the gift-giving season — at least a little. Moms juggling multiple teachers and coaches can keep all their gift lists in one app, and HipChip is the ideal app for gift-giving a variety of different gifts.

Group gifts usually start with an email. A class mom takes the initiative to send out an email or chats with other moms at drop off. A mother or aunt shoots off a Facebook message to other family members about contributing money for a large wedding gift. Conversations volley back and forth about whether to give a gift or gift card, and then there are discussions about the amount for the gift card or to which store it should be given.

Of course there are awkward pauses about money.

Some moms have a single child in school and are ready to contribute a significant amount of money, where a mom with twins in first grade plus two other children might want to contribute a smaller amount but doesn’t want to feel she’s being unfair. HipChip smooths out the kinks in group gift giving.


How HipChip works

With HipChip, all you really need to do is figure out who you want to invite to your gift pool. Once you input the email addresses for the group gift invitation, HipChip contacts your friends and even sends a reminder as your “close” date nears.

The organizer can see who has seen the invitation and who has donated, which can be helpful when you aren’t sure if you have the right email for people in your child’s classes or on your child’s sports team. One fantastic thing about HipChip is that only the organizer knows who’s contributed to the gift and how much has been contributed, which can eliminate some of the gift-giving pressure.


What HipChip offers

In addition to HipChip’s ease of use, the app offers a truly wide variety of gift card options. From restaurants and retail stores to spas and charitable contributions, gift givers will find forty — and counting — options for their gifts. Once a gift pool has been established, the money can be used on one card or split up to five different ways. HipChip is truly an app that will work for any gift-giving occasion on your calendar this year.

A gift from HipChip

HipChip is offering Savvy Sassy Readers $10 off their first group gift of $50 or more. The exclusive deal is just in time for end-of-the-year teacher appreciation gifts. Start your group gift now — the link automatically takes $10 off your group gift.

Do you participate in group gift giving or prefer to give your own gift?

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