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5 Modern high chairs for the modern home

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Modernizing the high chair

Long gone are the days that every baby product on the market is brightly colored, and covered in tacky “baby” print. Companies these days know that parents have taste and style too, and don’t want to have to sacrifice the ambiance of their home décor once baby arrives. Thus, you can find a lot more “stylish” baby products these days, including high chairs! They are more sleek, minimal, and modern to suit the aesthetic of a home, and I’ve found five of these modern high chairs that you will not be embarrassed to have in your home. On the contrary, you’ll probably be showing them off to your guests, they’re just that fashionable!

modern high chairs

1. Stokke Tripp Trapp, Amazon, $320
2. Babybjorn, Amazon, $240
3. Boon Flair Pedestal, Amazon, $220
4. Bloom Fresco, $450
5. Stokke Steps, $280 (accessories extra)

Great color options for any modern home

Each of the high chairs above come in an array of great color options that are sure to fit whatever your decorating style may be. I prefer the whites and naturals, others may want darker colors to blend in with their existing furniture. The possibilities are endless, and sure to please everyone with a modern eye!

No need to sacrifice your style

I love that all of these high chairs are sleek and sophisticated. One thing I was dreading when high chair shopping was that I would have to sacrifice the look in my home for all things baby. Not the case these days! We got ourselves a Stokke Steps high chair and I love that it looks great with the rest of my furniture and that baby will be comfortable in it, too.

High chairs can indeed be part of your dining room furniture, and look the part, too. With these great modern high chair options, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your home and lifestyle. And baby will look darn cute in it, too.

Would you describe your style as modern? Which modern high chair would you choose?

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