How to promote an active heathy lifestyle at home {Plus a giveaway}

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We all have our reasons for staying active. Aside from the fact that we need to be active to be healthy, for most people, that is not enough. Some people work out so that they have rock solid abs, while others work out so that they can eat that extra piece of cake after dinner. For me, I workout so that I can stay active with my kids.

When I work out, I feel like I can do more with my kids. It gives me more energy, keeps me calm when I need to be and makes me feel like I can be a more active mom. For me, that’s my ‘why’ when it comes to working out. It’s not easy to find time to get to the gym as often as you would like, or at least for me it’s not. So instead of giving up on working out completely, I have been working on promoting an active healthy lifestyle at home. With Father’s Day just around the corner, we have some dads in our lives that love working out at home as much as we do!

The benefits of working out at home

There are many benefits to working out at home. More than I can list here! First of all, working out at home offers you a higher success rate. When you belong to a gym, you put so much pressure on yourself to get to the gym for a specific amount of time during the gyms hours. At home, you make your own hours. Want to work our before the kids wake up? Go for it! You find 30 free minutes before you pick up the kids from school? Don’t worry about travel time! You can work out for shorter periods of time more often, or enjoy long workouts after the kids go to bed. The world is your oyster…you decide what works for you!

How about the savings? Yes, you might have to invest in some items for your home gym or at home workouts. However, when you calculate the price per use, you will be laughing at the savings! The list of benefits goes on and it might look different for you, but there are many! Now what about dad? Working out with a buddy is a great way to stay motivated. Being able to work out at home allows you and your partner to work out together—another HUGE bonus!

Promoting an active lifestyle at home

Our children watch every step we take, every word we say and every action we do. They watch us and absorb all that we do. We are their role models and they learn from us each and everyday. Habits and learned behaviours start young, so teaching them right through your example is key. While working out at home is good for you, it is also great for the kids. Firstly, you don’t need to leave your kids to go to the gym. Don’t get me wrong. A quiet workout away from the kids is sometimes just what we need, but not always. Sometimes, we just need some time to be active so we can feel good!

We recently got a Bowflex BXT216 Treadmill and it has changed our lives! Not only has it given us the flexibility to workout at home, but it actually has set us up for success. There are so many planned workouts for us to use on the machine, that there is something for everyone. If you want to train for a marathon, the 5k setting sets you up for a great endurance run. If you are looking to lose weight, there are Fat Burn and Calorie Burn settings. I happen to be a big fan of the 8 minute interval setting for performance. This is the type of workout that I was used to at the gym when I did Treadsanity classes! 

Workout as a Family

Setting times for our family to use the treadmill has helped to keep everyone accountable. Knowing who is working out in the morning or the evening hours helps us to set our schedule so that everyone has time to train on the Bowflex. With that said, we also love working out together! While one of us is on the floor, the other one is on the treadmill. We can both enjoy the Bluetooth setting on the treadmill to get us pumped up for our workout through the speakers. We don’t have to worry about losing our stats when we switch off because the treadmill allows us to set four users. Pure genius! We can also rest our iPad or a book on the treadmill to read, watch or keep up entertained while we are working out. We are a family of multi-taskers!

Say Happy Father’s Day with a Bowflex Treadmill!

What dad (and mom) wouldn’t want their own Bowflex BXT216 treadmill of their own! We have partnered with Bowflex to offer one winner a treadmill! Worried about not having enough space, don’t! The incredible design of this treadmill allows you to easily lift up base when it’s not in use! We are pretty confident in saying that this will blow away any dad this father’s day! Enter below!

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  1. My dad is the best and we want him to be happy and HEALTHY for a LONG LONG TIME!!!

  2. My husband and I are hard core fitness freaks but since we had our baby in January, we’ve both had a super hard time finding time to hit the gym. Having a treadmill at home would save us both a ton of misery and would allow one to watch the baby as the other runs and visa versa AND still spend time together as a family!

  3. I would love to give this to my husband as a thank you for being the most amazing husband, as well as the best dad to our little girl! He has fully emersed himself in the girl dad life, despite growing up with all brothers, and not having a father in law who guides him in how to be a girl dad. He is our whole world and he deserves to be spoiled for once!

  4. My father is an incredible human being. He has taught me hard work through his tireless efforts which included 36 years in the Air Force serving his country, the birth and life of his three children and his loving marriage of 30+ years. Everyone who meets him or knows him always gets the greatest of impressions from him. All my friends and even strangers I run into always ask me, “Where’s Robbie? I love that guy.”

    For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be just like him. I look up to him in every way possible. I’ve since joined the Air Force to continue the legacy. Most of all, he has instilled a deep love and value of family and what it means to me. I’ve never been so unconditionally loved by a person (of course my mom too). I truly cherish every minute and moment I get to spend with him, and I cannot wait to be home after being gone since December 4th for basic military training and technical school.

    He is so loved, and I want to give him this to thank him for all he does. He has an upcoming knee replacement surgery and this would be the perfect gift for rehab!

  5. This treadmill would go to my husband who needs a treadmill badly. He’s a Army officer and waKes up early to get his running in but his current treadmill is falling apart big time. This would be the best Father’s Day gift for my awesome husband who needs to stay in running shape. #TeamNLS

  6. The Dad on my list is my husband!! He not only stepped in as a father for my oldest daughter but he also gave me two more amazing children. He is always putting his needs on the back burner. He used to work out daily before we had kids and now his health is taking a backseat. This treadmill would definitely give him his motivation back!! #TeamNLS

  7. I would love this workout treadmill for my husband because he works in construction most of the day and often comes home tired. He has been wanting to go to a gym to workout but it has been hard for him since he doesn’t have a time to get out of work. But it would be nice to bring him a little bit of the gym to our house. ( It will be a good choice for bother us to workout at home) #TeamNLS #HappyFathersDay

  8. Wow, this giveaway is amazing!! I would gift this to my father-in-law. He’s always been a super active gym rat but just started chemo and can’t risk the germ exposure. He’s been walking on the roads by himself but we don’t think it’s safe, a treadmill at home would be an incredible gift to give him. He’s so worn out but keeping active seems to give him a boost both mentally and physically. #TeamNLS

  9. My dad needs to get more exercise — this would be perfect for him!

  10. I want him to keep in shape and make exercise easy. #TeamNLS

  11. we love to workout- this would be so fun!

  12. I would love to give this my husband because he is a great dad and on a weight loss and fitness journey! #TeamNLS

  13. My Dad has always wanted a treadmill but it has always been beyond his budget. This would be fantastic.

  14. I would love to give this to my husband for Father’s Day. He bought me a combo eliptical/stationary bike kind of machine that works well for me and with something like this we could work out together at home.

  15. He needs to exercise and this will help him continue through our long winters…

  16. Not for my dad but for my uncle that I would like to have around for many more years. #TeamNLS

  17. The dad in our life, is my husband, he’s a good deal overweight, but he’s the most amazing dad to our little girl. The two are inseperable. I don’t mind his weight at all, I think he’s cute no matter what. However we adopted a 4 year old little girl last year … and neither of us are young. I’m 40, he’s 53. I want our daddy to be around for a long time. I want him to be there when our daughter graduates. So I’ve been encouraging him to eat healthier and exercise more. Starting this year he began riding his bicycle to work rather than drive. I hope to add more things in like this, like maybe walking on the treadmill while we watch tv instead of sofa lounging. #TeamNLS

  18. Because we need to get in shape together! #TeamNLS

  19. My son will be a new day soon and this will help as will be difficult to go to the gym.

  20. #TeamNLS

    I just got home today after being gone for over six months on military training orders. I’m absolutely thrilled to see my father! He is such a special man. He lives in Fargo, ND, the flattest city and state you can think of… but he LOVES hiking. This could be something so great for him as he could train for it by increasing the incline to stay in shape for his hikes!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  21. My son will be a new dad soon ad this will help as it will be difficult to go to the gym. #TeamNLS

  22. My husband and I spent too many nights on the couch at the end of the day. I think this would help us get moving. #TeamNLS

  23. I want to give this to my husband because he is trying to get in shape and would like this. #TeamNLS

  24. I would love to give to my partner to stay in shape to play soccer

  25. I would get for my partner who is an amazing Dad, to stay healthy and in shape to play soccer which he loves #TeamNLS

  26. He needs a way to work out all winter, so this would be perfect!

  27. This would be so great fro the Dad in this house (and for me) to stay healthy and exercise even when it is 40 below and snowing outside. #TeamNLS thanks for the chance.

  28. This would be perfect for him to do while at home — a little walking never hurt anyone!
    We want him healthy!

  29. My dad would love this. He’s getting up there in age and loves to walk every day. The weather however prevents him all winter from getting out. This would be a fantastic, very useful gift to him. Thanks for the chance. #TeamNLS

  30. Having this would enable Dad to stop being so sedentary, since he could use it while watching his shows. #TeamNLS

  31. My dad just retired and he is already bored – he needs to be active, and this would give him something to do every day. #TeamNLS

  32. This would defintely help to keep active year round!

  33. My Dad is retired now and would love to have this at home. Thanks for the chance to win.

  34. My husband would appreciate this, he is always trying to stay active for and with the kids, but works two, sometimes 3 jobs, and fitting in a run or a gym workout is hardly ever possible. #TeamNLS

  35. I want the give this toy dad who is currently in the process of turning his life around. We had a health scare and it made him reevaluate his life. I’m so proud of him!! #TeamNLS

  36. I would love this in my office, keep me moving!

  37. Would like him to keep exercising for better over well-being #TeamNLS

  38. I would love to give this to my partner. He is an amazing Dad and I know he wants to get back in shape.. It would be such a great Father’s Day surprise! Thank you for the chance to win. #TeamNLS

  39. I would like to give this to hubby as h has just started getting into fitness and this would be great for him, especially on rainy days #TeamNLS

  40. Would love to give this to my dad he is always saying he is wanting to lose some unwanted weight i know this Bowflex Treadmill would definitely make it easier on him. #TeamNLS

  41. This would be great for my husband that has had a few setbacks in his health with high blood pressure. This would help tremendously to get him back on track. #TeamNLS

  42. He needs this to get heart healthy so he can be around for years and years to come! #TeamNLS

  43. This would be a great way to help my dad stay active during the winter months!

  44. I want to give this to my husband because this would be easier on his knees than his “step” machine #TeamNLS

  45. My father could use this to help him stay in shape. #TeamNLS

  46. He just started a great workout regimen per his doctors orders to help with some medical issues, and this would be a huge benefit, and would help him continue his path to overall good health. #TeamNLS

  47. I wouldn’t give it to my dad, I’d selfishly keep it! #TeamNLS

  48. It would be nice for the whole family to use.

  49. My husband is a fairweather exerciser .This would turn him into a year round exerciser.

  50. I would love to give this to my dad because he’s been trying to get back in shape and go on walks more. Sometimes in winter it’s too cold and slippery so it would be nice for him to use a treadmill instead of sacrificing his walk for the day. #TeamNLS

  51. This would be the thing for my brother the dad to get back into shape. Such a nice machine.

  52. Running and walking is key to staying healthy as long as possible! #TeamNLS

  53. I’d give this to my dad cause he really needs to work out more 🙂 Thanks for the chance. #TeamNLS

  54. want to give it to my brother cause he loves to run and when it rains, he cant run outside #TeamNLS

  55. My husband now works at home and he misses the stair exercise he used to get every week in the office. This would make it easier for him to get his exercising completed at home.

  56. My dad is finally retired and with his Rheumatoid Arthritis, he needs to keep moving so i want one of these to keep him alive as long as possible! #TeamNLS

  57. I would have liked to be able to get this for my dad, but he has been gone quite a long time. I’m not sure he was ever much for keeping in shape, and unfortunately, I’m not either. #TeamNLS

  58. My husband needs a treadmill at home since he is only home on the weekends because he is a trucker and most of his is home time is spent at the gym and I miss that time with him. #TeamNLS

  59. #TeamNLS He realizes the importance of daily exercise but cannot always get to the gym to do it. This would be a perfect fill in solution!

  60. This would be great for my dad to stay in shape. We want to keep him around as long as possible. #TeamNLS

  61. I want my dad to stay fit and healthy he is eating right and not smoking or drinking and this would help him keep that up #TeamNLS

  62. Would love to win this to get in shape

  63. Not for my dad. He passed. This will be for me. I need to add it to my fitness journey!

  64. I want to give this to my dad so I can go over and use it when he’s not, hahaha!

  65. I want to give this to my hubs because he has grown a little belly…Haha! And I would use it too!

  66. My husband gets antsy whenever the weather prevents him from running outside- so I think this would be the perfect solution!

  67. My husband gets antsy when the weather prevents him from running outside, so I think this would be the perfect solution! #TeamNLS

  68. Almost two years ago my husband changed jobs and now works from home. It has really cut his activity level down and having a treadmill in the house would be the perfect way for him to get up and moving again.

  69. This is so much better than our old treadmill that it would be great for my husband. #TeamNLS

  70. My wife and I would love to have this in the basement so we can get fit again


  71. My dad is a diabetic so he needs to take good care of himself. This would let him do it. #TeamNLS

  72. would be great for my kids to keep them exercising during winter

  73. I would love to give this to my husband, the Dad on my list because in the last year, I’ve talked him into going to the gym with me 4-5 mornings a week & he is now almost off his blood pressure meds. It’s making him healthier & our boys and I are thrilled about that. We are moving in a few months, to an area with no local gyms so a home gym is a must for the new home. We don’t need a lot but a treadmill is hubby’s number one choice and Bowflex equipment is mine #TeamNLS

  74. Had a similar treadmill and loved the ease of fitting in a workout anytime!!! Would love this prize 🙂

  75. My husband would love this. He likes to go for walks but only when the weather is ideal. This is great for when it’s raining, too cold, too humid, etc.. #TeamNLS

  76. My husband would love this! We’ve had a really old treadmill that finally broke and need a new one so he can run at home

  77. Our old one just broke down and this would be perfect for him to workout again from home #TeamNLS

  78. I always buy my husband his fishing and hunting licenses

  79. I want to give this to Dad so he can work out when it’s raining outside and he can’t go for his daily walk.

  80. I want to give this to my dad because he’s been so selfless and generous my entire life and I could never even hope to repay all of his kindness. A treadmill would make a great dent in giving him what he deserves.

  81. our treadmill died so my partner and I need this #TeamNLS

  82. Sorry for the double comment. Forgot to include the hashtag. Would love to repay some of my dad’s generosity with this treadmill, he would be over the moon to finally own one. #TeamNLS

  83. My husband and I were actually just discussing our reasons for starting up to exercise more. We want to keep our joints and muscles healthy and we are getting up there in age. Also he needs to exercise which will ward off osteoporosis . This machine would definitely get us on the right track #TeamNLS

  84. If you are checking comments before posting them … then ignore this one. I just commented but am not seeing it. My husband wants to work out more to keep healthy and ward off osteoporosis. #TeamNLS

  85. Would be so lovely for him to get the chance to run all winter long! #teamNLS

  86. I want to give this to my Dad because he lives in Georgia where it is too hot to exercise outside most of the time. I want him to keep healthy so he lives a long life! #TeamNLS

  87. I need for him to stay healthy, I dont want to lose him too.

  88. Because his current one is very loud and old! He deserves an upgrade!

  89. I want to give this to my boyfriend because he had a heart attack in his 30s. I want him around a long time because our daughter and I need & love him!!

  90. wife loves to run but its raining too often so this would be great for her

  91. I want to win this because my husband has been wanting to work out more and this allows him to do that.

  92. My dad and mom are getting older, so this would be a great way for them to stay active. It’s too hot to get outdoors most days, so this way they can get a quick workout in every day. #TeamNLS

  93. I would love to give this to my husband from his little girl because just under 2 years ago, we went out to eat and he got salmonella poisoning. It was so bad that it developed in Reiters Syndrome and he was hospitalized for 5 days, has had various joints drained repeatedly ( knees, ankles) and his feet had swelled up like huge cubs. The pain was unbearable and they could not even control it in the hospital. For almost 3 months he could barely walk. He has had to be on a chemo drug to try to keep the inflammation markers controlled from it. He had to be out of work for 3 months. He is a huge gym lover and always has been the epitimy of health until that. He is back at work but is always stiff and sore and somewhat swollen but not swollen like before. While he goes tothe gym, I would love to have this at home for him for as he stiffens he would have it to walk and stretch out on because between overly cold winters and overly hot summers, he often can not do it outside with the meds. #TeamNLS

  94. this would be a great gift for those winter nights when you don’t feel like going out to exercise and want to stay in to watch the home and now he can do both #TeamNLS

  95. I want to give this to my dad because he’s currently trying to lose weight and get back in shape! #TeamNLS

  96. It would be great for our family to use together to get fit

  97. My husband and I are both trying to get in shap. This would be a great gift for him as well as me! #TeamNLS

  98. I want him to keep healthy especially during the cold winter months #TeamNLS

  99. Love to give this to the dad on my list because he’s stuck in a cold place where he works, and this would help keep him healthy! #TeamNLS

  100. My Dad has had some health issues; specifically high blood pressure and heart attacks. He has been told to exercise, but sometimes the weather in our city prevents him from taking walks or running (he is put off by the cold), the Bowlflex would be a perfect addition to his home. Plus my Dad is awesome! He is goofy, a little immature and sometimes just plain annoying, but he loves fully and wholly and he helped raise two fearless and very successful little girls who are very successful in their careers and lives. Thanks! #TeamNLS

  101. My dad is 07/01/1980- years old and he walks around the school lot near his home. In the suymmer when the temperatures are over 100 degrees, it is too hot for him to go out, so a treadmill would allow him to get the exercise he wants.

  102. Having a Bowflex would probably be life changing for my husband and myself. Its so convienent and a trusted brand. #TeamNLS

  103. This would help me keep walking when the weather is bad.

  104. I would love this for my son, who is a wonderful dad who needs to get in shape #TeamNLS

  105. So there’s no more excuses to not exercise! #TEAMNLS

  106. I’d love to give this to hubby because he wants to get healthier. This would be a great help in that. #TeamNLS

  107. He is so deserving of this treadmill! My husband is the nicest most generous person I know. He would a stranger the shirt of his back to help them out.

  108. This would be amazing! My dad would love this! He is an avid gym goer and he loves his walks on the treadmills at the gym. #TeamNLS

  109. he recently lost his membership to the gym because of financial problems and would always go on the treadmill. This would be a blessing #TeamNLS

  110. i would love to give this to my husband because although i love him the way he is he feels like loosing the dad bod and wants tot start working out and be in better shape to keep up with the kids. #TeamNLS

  111. My husband would love this, he’s started running but it’s hard when I am working and the kids are in bed so he can’t leave the house to run, this would be great to be able to get some exercise in at night time

  112. (reposting comment as i forgot the # at the end, whoops!) My husband would love this because he loves running but can’t go when I am working and the kids are in bed so this would be a great way to get some exercise in at night time! #TeamNLS

  113. He is working so hard on starting a healthier lifestyle, I would love to give this to him! #TeamNLS

  114. I’d love to win this for him because he’s being such a good sport getting his health turned around. It gets too hot in the Summertime here so this would help him still get that workout in. #TeamNLS

  115. This would be great for me as I am so busy during the week to find time to keep in shape! #TeamNLS

  116. My dad has been doing a lot for his health the last couple years after recovering from prostate cancer so I think this would be a great fit for him! #TeamNLS

  117. I would love to win this for my husband because he’s very interested in getting fit. #TeamNLS

  118. He’s been working really hard to lose weight and become healthier but sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate for him to walk outside.

  119. He doesn’t get enough exercise and I’d prefer him to live a lot longer #TeamNLS

  120. My husband could really use this to get into shape. #TeamNLS

  121. My husband is a wounded combat vet and needs to exercise in a low stress way. #TeamNLS

  122. After years of dieting and exercising, we need something that works. #TeamNLS

  123. This would be great for my husband. He used to be a runner and is trying to get back into it. #TeamNLS

  124. Our dad would love to use this to get in shape #TeamNLS

  125. My dad could use this to help him keep fit, especially during the winter #TeamNLS

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