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Document Your Summer Fun {GIVEAWAY}

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There has never been a summer that I have been looking forward to and am in need of more than this one. I need a serious break from the daily grind or working at home, online learning, school projects, cooking and cleaning! I am ready for some serious family summer fun! I’m talking about fun in the sun, pool jumping, BBQ grilling FUN! It has been a long pandemic and it is time to make some memories this summer! This summer, document your summer fun while protecting your phone!

Document your Summer Fun While Protecting Your Phone

When I think of summer, my first thought goes straight to the water. Take me to the beach or the pool and I am a happy girl! As a matter of fact, my kids feel the same way! The day we open the pool is the most anticipated day of the season and from that point on, it’s all pool days and BBQ dinners! Once the summer hits, there are few complaints. The only one is that the summer is too short! With that said, I try to document as much of the summer as possible while protecting my phone at the same time!

When hanging by the pool, I am always cautious that my phone isn’t too close to the pool. Since I use my phone for EVERYTHING, I always want to make sure that it is safe. But…I also want to be taking as many pictures as I can before the summer is over! Typically, I am in the pool, on my tippy toes trying to get pictures of the kids without getting my phone completely soaked. This summer, I’ll be using my CaliCase to document the summer while keeping my phone protected and safe from the water.

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How to take pictures under water

First thing you will need is a CaliCase…don’t worry, we want to give YOU one to get you started! Once you have a CaliCase, taking pictures under water has never been easier. Slip your phone into one of the cases, either the universal size or the Extra Large size. Place your phone in the case and lock it in to protect it in the water. The CaliCase has dual padded layering so that if you accidentally drop your phone, it is protected. It is also waterproof (obviously) and buoyant so that you don’t have to worry about it sinking to the bottom of the pool, or even worse, the ocean! The clear plastic on both the front and the back allow you to take videos, pictures and selfies the way you normally would. Snap pictures and document all of the summer fun!

Pool Games for the Win!

When it comes to the pool, the games are endless. From Marco Polo to handstand contests, there are an unlimited amount of pool games to play! When the kids are in the middle of a game, the smiles are always ginormous, smiles I need on my camera roll! Whether I am in the water participating in a somersault contest or judging a race from the sidelines, I keep my phone in the CaliCase so that I can jump in to grab a picture at any moment! So far, our top three pool games are:

Timed diving for rings: Who can do it faster? Throw three or more diving rings into the deep end of the pool. Start the timer and see who can get all the rings the fastest! We love keeping the quickest time on the scoreboard so that all our visitors know that time to beat!

Kids jumping in the pool

Hoola Hoop Toss: We love the “Hoola Hoop” toss. There are so many fun ways to play this game. One player holds a hoola hoop over their head while the other tries to see how many tosses they can get through the hoop in a row. Another hoola hoop game is when each person gets a hoola hoop and places it into the pool. Using floating balls, like plastic golf balls, see how many you can get into your hoop. The one with the most balls wins. The last version is when you throw the hoola hoop into the pool and then see if you can jump into the middle of the hoop. This is a blast and my ultimate favorite. I am a sucker for mid-jump pictures!

Cards in the pool: While this isn’t a pool game, it’s a game that we play in the pool!! I recently discovered waterproof cards and we are obsessed! This is such a fun way to play a card game when the sun is beating down and it’s too hot to sit outside!

Make & Document your memories this summer

There are so many memories to be made this summer and so many to be documented. If there is one thing I know for sure, it’s that once the moment passes, it’s gone forever and without a picture, the memory fades. My goal this summer is to take as many pictures as I can, both in the water and out and I want you to do the same!

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