How To Burst Through Fear To Reclaim Your Life

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It’s true that fear is a powerful motivator, but it can also be quite a significant suppressant. All of us feel fear, but the degree to which we feel it and the stimulus that provides this response will differ from person to person. Fear is not bad by itself, in fact it can be quite a worthwhile and instinctual emotion, one that humans have known since our earliest days. So, the question isn’t how to remove our fear, but how can we stop it from affecting our lives, especially if this has become an issue where it really has held us back, and noticeably so?

It’s hard to approach this subject because everyone’s fears are different, and offering advice could, unfortunately, be walking too close to psychotherapy, which we do not have the authority to give you, and can’t talk about in general terms. That said, if you do find that certain fears are worrying you, such as putting off a knee replacement despite incredible care services willing and ready to help you solve a problem you’ve been suffering from for years, it’s best to know what techniques you can use to approach this on your own.

In this post, we’ll help you win that victory:

Exposure Therapy

One of the most commonplace techniques used by psychiatrists is to help you become exposed towards what you fear. For instance, if you’re deathly afraid of elevators, they will help you, over time, become exposed to them. 

This might mean standing in the same floor as an elevator, looking at it for a time. Then, the next day, you might stand near the buttons. Perhaps tomorrow, you’ll stand inside for thirty seconds. Then a minute. Then, maybe you can go up a floor. Over time, you’re teaching yourself that the experience isn’t terrible, that you are more powerful than your fear. There are many times in life when that principle can be exercised and benefited from – so don’t be afraid to consider how that can apply to you in kind.

Ask For Help

Ask for help if you need it. There’s no shame in that. If you’re finding it tough to attend something out of fear, then perhaps you can ask a friend to come along. For instance, perhaps you’re going to meet a relative of yours who you haven’t spoken to for years. Asking another sibling to come with you can help lessen that load. We all need to rely on one another from time to time, there’s nothing shameful about that at all.

Take Your Time

It’s very important to take your time if you can, not only in regards to making those changes, but in giving yourself the time to enact long-term solutions. It might be that you’ve been terrified of dental work after a bad experience as a child. Take your time by visiting the office, discussing potential treatment you need, and speaking to them about your fears. Talk to people online about the procedure you need, but only in well moderated and verified communities. Take it bit by bit. Then, instead of throwing yourself into the pool, you can slowly unveil that remaining scared wasn’t the best solution after all.

With this advice, we hope you can burst through fear to reclaim your life as necessary.

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