5 Benefits of Scooters For Kids

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I have a confession to make. I am obsessed with my scooter. That’s right, many people like to go biking with their kids, but I love to go to scootering with my kids. I have had a Globber scooter that I have been using for a while every time I go out with the kids! This week, we will be celebrating #NationalScooterDay which we are calling Globber day and what better way to celebrate that by sharing 5 benefits of Scooters for Kids? Oh, and of course sharing a deal from Globber and ToysRUs to take advantage of the special day as well!

My kids have been using Globber scooters since they could ride. We have used the Primo foldable Scooter as well as the Flow 125 Foldable scooter. Scooters are amazing for kids for so many reasons and have been a go-to item for my family for years! If you are thinking about getting a scooter for your kids, here are 5 benefits of scooters. If you ask me, they are an absolute must!

kids on Globber scooters
5 Benefits of Scooters
  1. They are a great way for kids to disconnect from the screen: Right now especially, scooters are an amazing way to get kids out of the house. Now more than ever, I have been pushing the kids to get out of the house and to get active every chance they get! Since we are still in lockdown and back to virtual learning, the kids are missing out on being active at recess and lunch. Jumping on the scooter for a quick ride around the block, makes getting the kids away from the screen much easier. Instead of asking them to go for a walk to get some fresh air, which always results in a grunt, going for a scooter ride is fun and is never an argument!
  2. Suitable for kids of all ages: One of the things that I love about scooters is that they are suitable for all ages. It doesn’t matter if you have a 2 year old or you yourself are looking for something to do! Scooters are perfect for every age! The Globber GO Up 4-in-1 Scooter can be used before kids can even scoot independently! With 4 different ways to use it, it grows with your child making it even easier to use with little ones than a bike! And you already know how much I love my scooter, which means they come in adult sizes too!
  3. It’s a balancing act: Balance is a skill that is quickly and easily learned on a scooter. While the child stands upright, they learn how to balance on one foot while using the other foot to glide. Learning balance is essential for development.
  4. Exercise: No matter your child’s age, they need exercise! They need to be active and running or moving around. Don’t kid yourself, scootering is a great form of exercise. It is a great way to strengthen the bottocks, calves, thighs, belly and back.
  5. Motor Development: A lot of motor skills come into play while riding a scooter. They need to keep their head and eyes looking forward, while using one leg to balance and the other to push, they also need to use one foot to step on the break and their arms need to steer. There is a lot of motor development that they learn while scootering, they aren’t just going for a ride!

Lastly, Globber scooters are foldable which make them extra easy to travel with. They are easy to put in the trunk or even in a suitcase!

Celebrate National Scooter Day on May 19th!

Safety must always come first so I wanted to share this deal with you to take advantage of! On May 19th, when you buy a Globber Foldable Primo Scooter at ToysRUs, you will get FREE Globber protective gear! What better way to celebrate National Scooter Day with a new scooter?!

Do your kids like to scooter?

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