The Perfect Sleep Solution for Babies (Plus GIVEAWAY)

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As new moms, we’ve all been there! It’s 3 am, your baby is crying, and you are beyond tired from a lack of sleep. You fed your baby, changed their diaper, rocked the little one, and nothing is working. You are desperately searching for the perfect sleep solution for your baby so that you can finally get some sleep!

Last resort you go to is the car, a car ride helps your baby fall asleep but being overtired and the middle of the night, you are trying to figure out another solution to calm your baby. More importantly, driving a baby around in a car is not a safe sleep practice, and who wants to drive around the neighborhood when it’s the middle of the night?!

The Perfect Solution

The perfect solution? The Parpela Pop-Up with SVS developed by Dr. David Paydarfar, a leading neurologist, and a multidisciplinary team at a leading University. The SVS technology is similar to a car ride. The Prapela Pop-Up With SVS is the only vibrating bassinet pad patented for infant breathing and relaxation. The vibration inside a car traveling at 40 miles per hour is similar to SVS. A car’s suspension reduces jiggles, creating a gentle vibration. And an uneven road surface randomly changes the vibration. So, how you can you say to the positive effects of the vibrations without the drag of getting into the car to drive around aimlessly?!

What is SVS?

Stochastic (meaning random) Resonance, is a rather new field that explains how random stimulation promotes healthy rhythmic breathing. Healthy rhythmic breathing helps babies relax. SVS is so gentle that it does not interrupt infant sleep cycles. 

How does it work?

Better than a car ride, the Prapela SVS baby box is a safe sleep space. Following safe sleep practices, lie your baby flat on their back on the firm mattress inside the pop-up. Turn SVS on to help your baby relax and sleep, especially when your baby is extra fussy for bedtime or for naps during the day!

It’s what inside that counts

Nestled inside a cozy pop-up, the vibrating pad turns on and off with the push of one button. They designed the vibration to turn on and off on a 3 hour cycle, so your baby does not become dependent on the product. Covered with hospital-grade Sure-Chek* material, the pad cover can be cleaned with mild soap or your favorite cleaning wipes. Added benefit, the Sure-Chek material protects against viruses, bacteria, yeasts, molds, and fungi.

Instead of putting your baby in the car to relax them, consider giving the Prapela Pop-Up with SVS a try. It is an infant safe sleep space you can put next to your bed, allowing you to get some sleep!

*Source; Herculite Healthcare Fabrics

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  1. Soft music and rocking in the rocking chair usually work pretty well

  2. Sometimes we have to put the baby in the car and go for a ride and he falls asleep within minutes.

  3. No kids for me, but we take my niece on car rides to make her fall asleep.

  4. My youngrst likrd to go to sleep riding on the riding mower while I HELD HIM I REMOVED THE BLADES ON MY OLD ONE .

  5. I got my baby to sleep by walking around the house. Thanks for the giveaway!

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