Stay At Home and Play with Toys”R”Us!

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This quarantine and new way of living with social distancing is challenging to say the least. Add in a few kids and it can feel unmanageable at times. Between home schooling, cooking and cleaning, doing more laundry than you ever thought possible, decluttering and attempting to find an impossible few minutes for yourself, we also need to fit in some time for play! Since distance learning started, we have deadlines to meet put in place by the teachers and I am finding that we have had less time to play and have fun. For me, I want my children to remember this time as something positive. More quality time, more meals together and so much more playtime. That’s why I am excited to share that Toys”R”Us has launched their Stay-At-Home Play initiative, designed to help families stay engaged and connected during these challenging times.

Have fun at home and Play

Toys”R”Us is always the go-to for fun games, birthday presents, new toys and more! Even though we can’t visit the store anymore to peruse the aisle, they are still here to support our children and our families. Toys”R”Us recently designed the ‘R’ Stay-at-home-packs designed to keep big imaginations and little hands busy while schools out. It’s easy to forget sometimes that kids learn so much through play. Right now we are all worried about getting into the groove of distance learning and printing out worksheets, but our kids need time to play and explore, to ask questions, to build and to use their imagination.

The play packs that are available exclusively online, are designed for kids of all ages and are filled with many activities. You can order online for delivery or curbside pickup. Activities include sensory activities, like playdoh, kinetic sand, art activities like sidewalk chalk and colouring books, building toys like lego and blocks and gaming experiences such as UNO, Guess Who? and Connect 4. In addition, they offer packs for kids 4 and up as well as the “R” Little Hands Play Pack for kids 1-4. There is a play pack for each your child’s preferences and makes for some good family fun! As times goes on, they will continue to release more play packs at a variety of prices.

Washing Your Hands Made Fun!

If there is one thing that we are all doing and reminding our kids to do 100 (If not more) times a day, it is washing our hands. Just under that likely comes making TikTok videos, depending on your child’s ages. So, why not merge the two?! Toys”R”Us has written and produced the “Wash Your Hands Challenge” on TikTok. Jump on and see what it’s all about while you wash your hands and dance as a family!

YouTube with Geoffrey to fill some time

Have you ever noticed how much your kids love watching unboxing YouTube videos? Well, Geoffrey, the beloved Toys”R”Us mascot will be sharing ideas such as unboxings to interactive games and DIY activities for your kids to enjoy. They will love seeing these videos and you can rest assured that they are safe for them to watch!

Stay Safe and Play

At the end of the day, and one day this will all end, you will want to walk away feeling positive. You will want to ensure that you and your children had positive experiences, even though home schooling can you make you feel the opposite! Make time to play. When you feel like things are getting out of control, take a breath and take out a game. Bring some fun and play into your home and enjoy the time you have with you kids. Play kits can be ordered online and delivered to your home, and you can look forward to receiving fun in a box before you know it. Let Toys”R”Us do what they do best and foster the fun!!

Want to get a Play Pack, head to instagram and enter the giveaway to win one of two Toys”R”Us gift cards!

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