20+ Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Moms, we have created these Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for you, our loyal readers and lovers of Savvy Sassy Moms. This letter is for you:

To our Savvy Sassy Moms readers:

You are never truly prepared to be a mother. From that first positive symbol on your pregnancy test, you are in for a rollercoaster, filled with the highest highs, which sometimes drop to the lowest lows. Yet, somehow, you innately have the tools to be Mom. Passed on from your own childhood from a mother, an aunt, or a grandmother, as a little girl, you watched her working tirelessly in the kitchen, at work, in the house, all for you and your family.

Yet as she worked, she carried herself with effortless grace, or so you thought, because that’s just mom. From her seemingly endless love, you gained the knowledge of how to raise your children, and now your mother figure’s voice has become your own, which will carry over to your children. There is no greater pride that will fill your heart than seeing your children act diplomatically, respectfully within the lessons that you taught them. When you hear them interacting with their friends, giving them advice that you once told, that’s when your voice truly becomes their own.

Wishing you, and your moms the happiest of mother’s day. We hope you find something from our Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that makes you feel extra special!

With love,

Jenna and Lisa

For the New Mom

1. Lorena Canals wall hang – This is such a cute item for mom’s home decor. Whether she puts it in her room, the playroom or one of the kids rooms, it is a great way to add character to a home.

2. Loulou Lollipop teething necklace – When you have a baby, your whole world changes! From the things you carry in your bag to the jewelry you wear around your neck! Celebrate mom with an adorable teething necklace she will enjoy wearing!

3. Nanit Baby Monitor  -Peach of mind and some sleep…is there really any better gift for a new mom? If you read our review of the Nanit, the you know that we love it! Gift mom a Nanit with this deal:

Offer: $30 off the Nanit Sleep System, which includes:
1 Camera + Stand or Mount
1 year of Nanit Insights
1 multi-stand
*A total savings of $80 off MSRP.

Discount Code: MOM30\

4. Skip Hop Weekender Bag – SkipHop isn’t just great for kids, it’s great for moms too! With the new release of the DUO Weekender diaper bag, moms will have a stylish bag for everything she needs for travel and beyond! The handy sleeve at the back makes it easy to slide over the handle of any carry on bag!

5. Itzy Ritzy Feeding Pillow– Give mom extra comfort when feeding baby. The Milk Boss pillow gives mom extra support when feeding baby ensuring that the baby is at the right angle when feeding. Then when burping baby, it acts as addition support and comfort for baby.

6. Finn + Emma clothing – What mom doesn’t want to see their baby is super cute clothes on Mother’s day (and every day). Gift mom the gift of a Finn + Emma gift card!

7. Binxy Baby – No matter what, moms need to go to the grocery store each week. While we recommend going some shopping for mom to give her a break, make shopping with baby so much easier for her with Binxy Baby, the shopping cart hammock. Baby will be comfortable and mom will feel confident with baby’s support.

8. BBluv Diaper bag – The Ulta Complete Diaper Bag has 5 practical accessories as well as lots of pockets and sections. She will love this everyday bag!

9. Copper Pearl Swaddle – The new Caroline print from Copper Pearl is so sweet for Spring. With soft peaches on it, it is a great addition to moms diaper bag for baby this spring.

For the Mom who needs time to relax…every mom!

10. Tia Infuser Water Bottle – Every mom loves her coffee! This infuser water bottle is perfect for her cold brew coffee or tea for her to take on the run!

11. Humidifier – Is the mom in your life in to aromatherapy and essential oils? Try this electric diffuser to fill moms home with scents she loves. Simply add water and essentials oils and she’s all set!

12. Slip Pillow Case – Looking good when you’re a mom means everything. When you look good, it helps you feel good and when you are taking care of the kids and wearing so many other hats, feeling good is so important! Slip is a silk pillow case that keeps moms hair in tact. Give mom some true beauty sleep!

13. This Is J Bamboo Jammers – Mom won’t find comfier PJ’s than these bamboo pj’s from This Is J. Pair it with a bathrobe and traet mom to a real relaxing experience at the end of everyday!

14. Uggs – Ugg slippers are still a popular choice. They are the softest to walk around the house in while offering enough support to go out onto the balcony after dinner.

15. Olie – RoseGlow Drops Daily Radiance Face Oil, a product created by Olie Biologique and Melissa Meyers, deeply hydrates the skin, reduces infammation, re-densifies and brightens complexions and naturally boost collagen making mom look even younger than she already looks!

16. Jade Roller – Jade rollers have been around for years and years but they are still as relevant as ever. Used to reduce fine lines and puffiness, the Jade roller will offer great results in the comfort of mom’s home!

For the Mom on the go

17. Eye Earrings – Every mom needs a little bling on Mother’s Day, no matter their age or style! We love the bright color and feminine design.

18. Brow & Lash Gel – You don’t know until you know! This product caught our eye because it makes eye make up remover so much easier! We love this as a gift for a special mom in your life, aunt or friend.

19. Caitlyn Minimalist – We are just in love with this jewlery from Caitlyn Minimalist. With so many personalized pieces to choose from, give mom this meaningful gift. We absolutely love the pieces that they make from your child’s drawing or a family members handwriting.

20. Yoga Mat – Mom needs to take some time for herself to be the best mom she can be! Give her the gift of a beautiful Yoga Mat giving her the freedom to take some time for herself!

21. Leatherology – While a black leather bag is stunning, we are crushing on this Leatherology bag that can be monogrammed or hand painted with your initials or whatever you choose. Trust us, mom will love it too!

22. Moleskin – Whether she uses it for work or for managing the house, everyone needs a pretty notebook. Order it as is, or personalize it for mom!

23. Caryl Baker Visage – Treat mom to the The Caryl Baker H2O Restore Collection. The new collection includes an H20 Restore Purifying Foam Cleanser, H20 Restore Hyaluronic Hydrating Toner, H20 Restore Glacial Mineral Mask and H20 Restore Hydra-Rich Eye Balm.

24. Isabelle Grace – Say I love you with this gorgeous necklace that is inscribed with “mom” on the front and “you make me bloom” on the back. Made of sterling silver and accented with 22kt gold, it measures approximately 1 inch long and is available with a sterling silver or 14kt gold-filled chain.

25. Tieks – Every woman knows that these are the most comfortable shoes around! Make mom feel like a princess in her Tieks Ballet slippers.

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Hailey Kobrin contributed to this article.

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  1. Will celebrate by doing anything she wants, cooking for her, and spend quality time.

  2. I’m expecting baby number 7 very shortly after Mother’s Day! I’m hoping for a nice uninterrupted nap… and maybe even a shower alone! Ha!!!

  3. On Mother’s Day I just want to relax with my family. I’m due with my second on June 3rd so this momma is tired lol!!

  4. Thinking of going to Portos Cuban bakery for some pastries and then the dog beach with all my babies

  5. I want my kids to come home I will cook butplease do the dishes

  6. This pregnant mama would love a day full of yummy treats and family nap time. 🙂

  7. I would like to go out to dinner and froyo with my family!

  8. I am just going to spend time with my family

  9. Being able to relax as much as possible, especially at 14 weeks pregnant and momma of 3 year old boy!

  10. I would like to go out for lunch with my family and spend time with them.

  11. I’d love to relax with family while waiting for my son to decide he wants to be born!

  12. I would love to celebrate mother’s day by resting with my family

  13. Being able to spend the entire day with my 3 boys and husband relaxing!

  14. I would love to spend time with my family and have a relaxing day.

  15. I want the freedom to sleep in late 🙂

  16. I was pregnant last mother’s day with a terminal baby, he was delivered at 31 weeks in November. I hope to spend this Mother’s day remembering my sweet son and celebrating being pregnant again.

  17. I am not a mom yet, but I would love for my mom and grandma to have a great Mother’s Day! I would love to share some of these prizes with them!

  18. i just want to do something fun outdoors with my family!

  19. I think my husband has found the perfect way to celebrate me – he is giving me a whole day off! I’m so excited and I’ve already booked a massage. 🙂

  20. I want to celebrate after seeing a positive pregnancy test. Fingers crossed! If not, I’ll still celebrate my own amazing momma!

  21. I want to celebrate Mothers Day with a Beach Bike Ride I just love the Pacific Ocean it brings me peace !!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. My first official mother’s day with our rainbow baby… had a miscarriage in 2011 with our baby angel. I’ve always considered myself a mother even then but it was very painful when the people around me did not. I will celebrate this Sunday with my little family but also remembering our angel in heaven.

  23. I will celebrate getting the news that I am going to be a mommy!

  24. I want to spend time with my amazing family!

  25. i would want to go out to eat for breakfast and then have a relaxing spa day before coming home to enjoy my wonderful family!

  26. I just want a quiet family day…Dinner out.

  27. I would love to just receive some fresh flowers for Mother’s Day!

  28. I am going out with the mother’s in my immediate family, 3 generations celebrating.

  29. We are expecting our first baby in July 🙂 I am hoping to get some work done in his nursery!

  30. Kids are still little so my husband said I can sleep in and he will take care of them after his shift and cook me breakfest ..that is about it

  31. I want to be celebrated by spending the whole day with my family, movies, arts and crafts, the works!

  32. My family has promised me 24 video game free hours. No watching, playing or talking about video games.

  33. I want to celebrate the day with my daughter and granddaughter.

  34. I just want to spend the day at home with my family and just chill and enjoy the day with no cooking, cleaning or laundry.

  35. We take my mom out for dinner to the restaurant of her choice.

  36. Not me, but my MIL, and we’re doing what she wants! 😀 She wants to go for a picnic in the mountains, which should be so fun! I’m also surprising her with two huge beautiful bouquets of lilies tomorrow morning.

  37. This will be my first Mother’s Day! So lucky I’m off work this year. Would love to stay home and cuddle with my baby!

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