Interview Dressing For Teens

10 Easy tips and tricks for interview dressing, according to a teen!

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As a teenager, looking for a job and preparing for the dreaded interview is hard enough what without worrying about what to wear. Women’s fashion has become so much more than the basic pantsuits of the 70s. Nowadays, there are so many more choices and so much more available to us than ever before. Because of this, dressing for an interview can prove to be just as challenging as landing the job. Staying professional but also fashionable is hard, but not impossible. With these 10 easy tips and tricks on interview dressing for teens, according to a teen, you’ll get the job, and even better, you’ll look stylish when you accept it.

Interview Dressing For Teens

Know the office attire of the job you’re applying to before hand

If you’re hoping to get a retail job, a more casual look could be the way to go. Most likely, you’d be able to get away with jeans and a top and could maybe even try incorporating some of the store’s attire in your interview outfit, to show them that you’re prepared and are ready for the job. If you’re looking for a more business formal outfit, try doing some research on the company you’re applying to. You should be able to see what the women of the office wear and try to mimic that while tailoring it to fit your style.

Incorporate trends minimally for Interview Dressing

The latest trends will obviously influence your style from month to month but be sure to stay tasteful and keep the fashionista on a tight leash so as not to overdo your day-to-day outfits. For example, the pyjama trend is cool as a day outfit, but when working in an office, maybe try a more tailored version of the pyjama top with a blazer, trousers, and some nice heels to bring it all together.

Stay true to who you are

Interview Dressing For Teens

If you’re trying to dress like someone you’re not, it’s easy to tell. The best way to go about tackling your wardrobe choices is to stay professional while also allowing your personality to peak out at one point or another.

Live by the blazer handbook

Always have a blazer nearby. It will keep you warm in an overly air-conditioned office and will instantly make any outfit seem more professional and put-together.

Buy versatile pieces you can rework and wear often

Invest in pieces that will last forever. Make sure they’re good quality, but also simple enough that you can work them into many different outfits, always creating a different, yet still professional look.

 A structured bag is your friend

Not only is the “work bag” an essential, but it also comes in handy. It can store a brush and lipstick if you need to touch up during the day, but also can hide an extra pair of flats in case your heels are hurting, and your feet need a break.

Always look clean and prepared

You should always look presentable, especially at the office. Make sure you look polished and put-together, which means not overdoing it with heavy eye makeup and making sure to always keep your hair both clean and fresh.

Wear pinstripes

Pinstripes are a professional print and they instantly lengthen your frame. Both flattering and office-friendly, nothing says power player like rocking a pinstripe piece at work.

Cigarette pants are key

These pants are not only stylish and comfortable, but also a very professional look for work. They can be dressed down with runners and a comfy turtleneck or can be dressed up with a blouse, blazer, and heels.

Let the day of the week decide your outfit

Interview Dressing For Teens

Some days you may feel like dressing more casually, while other days may need a dressier look. Let the day decide the look, and as long as you’re maintaining professionalism, take it from there.

Dressing for the office can sometimes be a hassle, but just remember to have fun, be yourself, and follow these ten simple rules for interview dressing for teens for guaranteed success.

Sarah Goldstein contributed this article as a guest writer. Sarah has always loved fashion and keeping up with the latest trends, and looks forward to sharing her ideas and her own personal style with everyone!

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