Gifts for Dads and Grads {Giveaway}

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It’s that time of year when we mark our calendars with graduation dates and making plans to celebrate dad. June is a busy month in all households with lots of things to celebrate! If you know someone graduating or have a dad you want to show how much you love, then we know that you will appreciate some of these thoughtful gifts to show how proud you are! What gifts for dads and grads are on your list this year?

Give The Gift of a Future

No matter what your child is graduating from, it is an exciting time of year! As parents, we feel emotional that our children are growing up. Every year that passes brings them closer and closer to college. The financial obligation is huge and that looming over head can be very stressful. Whether this is a stress for mom and dad or for your high school graduate, we have a gift that will take a load off! ScholarShare529 allows you to give the gift of a future education. This year, think about helping your graduate get a higher level of education while giving dad the gift of security for his child’s future! ScholarShare529 is a an investment account designed to encourage saving for college and other higher education costs by offering tax advantages. It’s a win, win!

Say it with a Monthly Subscription

While this isn’t the right gift for your female grad, you will hit it big for all the males on your June gift list! We recently found out about SprezzaBox, a men’s subscription box that is full of fun goodies! Whether your grad will be applying for summer jobs, or your dad loves looking spiffy for a night out, your guys will love what SprezzaBox has to offer.

With each box full of 6 items and valued at over $100, your dad and/or grad will get this sweet gift for just $28 a month! It is full of practical goodies like a tie, socks, sunglasses and more. We can guarantee you that they will love each item in their monthly delivery. If you want to try out SprezzaBox, you can utilize the following code at checkout to receive our current month’s box. Plus you get a mystery bonus box for their first month at $28USD: BONUSBOX

A retro gift that everyone will love

We are loving this new line of t-shirts from Headstone Brand. These tees are an upscale twist on the classic logo tee. Made from 100% combed cotton jersey fabric and very soft water-transfer graphics, they are incredibly light and comfortable. Headstone Brand has taken old logos from brands that existed years and years ago and has brought them back to life. Can you imagine anything better for a dad?! Each tee has a story behind it. They share what years the brand was around and what they were all about. We love seeing what the logos really mean and felt more connected to the story of each brand. We just love these tees. They might be designed for men, but look super cool under a jean jacket or blazer for hip women! Grads, both male and female, will love these tees.

Give the gift of self care

Every dad and grad need to take some time for self care this June! Caryl Baker Visage has some incredible products for men that will leave him feeling refreshed and clean all day long. As men get older, it is important for them to focus on their skin care routine! We particularly love the Enzyme scrub that is a dual-action facial scrub with jojoba microbeads and enzymes that revive tired skin! At the end of the school year or after a long winter, this is the perfect way to take care of themselves!

A beautiful time piece for every man

Whether the man in your life is a watch collector or not, he will absolutely adore these Paul Hewitt watches. This one size fits all time piece has an iconic anchor logo with a metal watch strap that is adjustable to fit 12 sizes. The anti-scratch sapphire glass offers a beautiful clear view of the face. Each watch comes with a two year warranty so no need to worry about any minor repairs! With so many beautiful watches to choose from, you will find one perfectly suited for every man on your list!

For the golf lover

If your dad or grad is a golf lover, you know how challenging it can be to buy them a golf related gift year after year. This year, we found these unique cufflinks that he will go crazy over! For those long days in the office, he can look down at his wrist and think about his weekend golf games ahead! These are definitely going to be a winning gift!

Enter our giveaway for the perfect gift for the man on your list!

We are giving away products valued at over $700:

  • Two Headstone Brand t-shirts
  • One SprezzaBox
  • The Papaya Perfecting Line
  • One Paul Hewitt watch

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Which gift will be perfect for the dad or grad on your list this year?

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  1. We are celebrating my father. Who not only raised me but has taken myself and my three kids into his home and helps me daily with them.

  2. I will be traveling to visit my father and celebrating with him. He can no longer travel so I do not see him often.

  3. We’re celebrating my husband because he been such an amazing dad to our 3 children and we just found out number 4 is on the way!

  4. My husband who is about to be a first time father!

  5. We are celebrating my dad and husband because they are good fathers and deserve to be recognized.

  6. I just moved back to my home town, so this will be the first fathers day I have spent with my dad since I was a kid.

  7. We are celebrating my husband and my dad for being awesome and there for our family

  8. My son is graduating this year grade 8 – so much excitement around here

  9. Celebrating dad this year! We love him.

  10. Celebrating my dad, he is always supportive and been through tons

  11. Celebrating my husband because he is a wonderful father!

  12. Celebrating my husband and father of my son! He is a terrific man and father. So lucky to have him in my life.

  13. Im celebrating my loving, hilarious and generous Dad! he deserves the best Father’s Day ever 🙂

  14. We’re celebrating my grandpa because he is always there for us and helps us out whenever we need him.

  15. I am celebrating my DAD because he is the best dad I could have asked for <3

  16. I am celebrating the coming of my fifth child in July

  17. My husband. He’s a wonderful husband and father. The kids want to plan a big surprise this year.

  18. I am celebrating my husband. He is an amazing father to our toddler and will be equally as wonderful with baby boy coming in September!

  19. My grandson Dylan graduating from grade 8 !!

  20. My father past away not long ago, so my family is gathering to celebrate his life this Father’s day for BBQ!

  21. We are celebrating with my dad and hubby. Grilling win the backyard Kerri swimming!

  22. I have a great Dad and a wonderful husband and we celebrate them every year. I am blessed to know many amazing fathers!

  23. Celebrating my husband, an amazing father to six awesome daughters.

  24. I will be celebrating my dad because without him I would not be the person i am today.

  25. My husband who is such an amazing Dad. Plain and simple.

  26. My dad because he always there for me.

  27. We are celebration my dad because he is the most amazing father there is.

  28. I am celebrating my 19 year old son! He just finished up at our local college and is transferring over to Texas State for fall semester–we are so proud of him! He would so love the watch!

  29. I am celebrating fathers day with my husband who is such a great dad! And we are also celebrating my brother in law who is graduating high school despite a severe developmental delay, exciting month for us! thanks for the chance to win

  30. We are celebrating my husband and my father my children and myself are cooking a big brunch for them.

  31. Celebrating my amazing husband, father to our 2 kiddos! It’s been a crazy year and would love to get this for him

  32. Celebrating family and in memory of our father

  33. We’re celebrating my wonderful husband! My boys and I love him with all our hearts.

  34. The hubby bcuz he is such a great guy!!

  35. I celebrate my Papa, for finding happiness in his life!

  36. My Dad is gone so will be celebrating my childrens fabulous father

  37. I amcelebrating my husband who can’t do enough for our three sons!

  38. My father because he is the best..

  39. Our nephew would absolutely love your great gifts!

  40. This would be great for my husband for Father’s Day.

  41. We have a recent grad and I would like this for Father’s Day.

  42. My friend who just had a baby in his family to make this Father’s Day the best ever.

  43. I’m celebrating my husband who is the best dad to our kids!

  44. I’m celebrating Father’s Day AND my godson graduates 😀

  45. I am celebrating my Dad, he is my rock. He is always there for me when I need advice or a sounding board.

  46. We’re celebrating my hubby, he’s an amazing dad and a hubby extraordinaire 🙂

  47. I will be celebrating my husband because he is a hard worker.

  48. My uncle, I don’t know my father.

  49. We are celebrating my son who is a wonderful father.

  50. I will be celebrating Father’s Day with my handsome husband of 37 years.

  51. I am celebrating my husband. This will be his very first Father’s Day

  52. My fiancé. We found out we are pregnant on Mother’s Day so I would love to make Father’s Day special to him too.

  53. We are celebrating my awesome husband and father.

  54. I will be sending my son out for a night in the town while I watch my Grandson

  55. My husband is the father in my life. 🙂

  56. We are celebrating 3 very special Fathers. My husband, and my children’s two grandfathers (Papa and Zaidie).

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