Be Prepared for the Unexpected this Summer

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As parents, one of our biggest jobs is being prepared for the unexpected. Whether it’s a fall in a puddle at the park, a hungry kid on a long drive or an unexpected allergic reaction on a family trip or outing, we are always trying to get ahead of the unexpected. Isn’t that why they make diaper bags so big, so that we can pack everything we might need? With summer ahead of us, the packing lists gets even longer as we prepare to go on more outdoor excursions on our bikes and scooters throughout the warm summer months. We have partnered with Benadryl Canada to feel safe from unexpected reactions this summer. Do you #KnowTheDryl when the unexpected happens?

How can you be prepared for the unexpected?

It can be stressful trying to prepare for the unexpected, when well it’s just that! I have been known to pack more than I need, but better to be over prepared then under prepared. When thinking about preparing for our excursions outside of the house, I always start with the most likely’s before the less likely’s. What I mean is, I know the kids will be hungry and thirsty, so food and water is the first thing that make it into the bag. I like to pack a bottle for each kid, plus an extra because whether it be a spill or a very thirsty child, it’s likely that we will need more. Once that is done, I pack extra clothes. While my kids are of the age where bathroom accidents are unlikely, falls into mud, puddles, or getting completely filthy is closer to the top of the most likely list, and an extra pair of clothes doesn’t take up too much space. I will also consider the weather.

If the sun isn’t out at the beginning of our excursion, I bring hats along to avoid a sun stroke situation should the sun appear later in the day. In the summer months, things like sunscreen, bug spray and a few outdoor toys make their way into the bag as well. One thing I always try not to forget is wipes and/or hand sanitizer. As I mentioned, it is 100% likely that the kids will be hungry at some point and be asking for snacks, so clean hands are a must. In addition to all of these items, we know that when the kids are running around outside, we are likely to need a few Band-Aids, so a mini first aid kit is a necessity for the unexpected. Along with the cuts and scrapes are bug bites! Sometime, the screams from the big bites are worse than the bite itself, but the aftermath can be problematic, so we always make sure that we carry Benadryl Bug Bite Relief to decrease the itch and soothe any pain.

Let’s talk about being prepared for unexpected reactions

Addi was labelled by our allergist as an “allergic kid” early on in her life. What she meant, was that she showed many sensitivities to environmental factors and that I shouldn’t be surprised when she showed signs of allergies such as a runny nose, watery eyes or a rash. Understanding the allergy threshold, I know that everyone has a bucket that runs the risk of being tipped by allergies when you factor in natural and emotional factors – for example, lack of sleep, stress or anxiety may increase the risk of an unexpected allergic reaction to occur. Knowing that each person is different, I also noticed that the more Addi was exposed to pollen  the more likely the reaction worsened.

In addition, Addi has asthma and eczema. Her doctor, Dr. Dina Kulik, had mentioned that these three things do typically go together or that if you have one of the three, you are more likely to show signs of the others. Knowing this information gave me the push to ensure that I was prepared for these situations. Our family trusts to help us feel prepared and in control when these situations occur. We know that within a short period, she will begin to feel comfortable once the Benadryl Liquid is administered. At home, we keep Benadryl in our kitchen on a high shelf where the children can’t reach it. Dr. Kulik shared that while most people keep their medicine and/or first aid kit in the bathroom, it is better off in an area such as the kitchen that has less humidity.

Our first unexpected situation

A quick story: when we were travelling, as we got onto the airplane, I noticed that Addi was scratching her tummy. I lifted up her shirt only to see hives appearing. I began to do what every parent does, panic! I was on an airplane, there was no way off and we were about to be in the air for the next few hours. I was unsure what she was reacting to and knew that I wasn’t about to find out. My next reaction was to give her relief. I was so grateful that I had prepared for the unexpected. I reached into my bag and gave her a dose of Benadryl Liquid making our flight home manageable and pleasant! Sounds familiar?

Other forms of relief

Each child is different, which means that my two children need relief from different allergens. At six years old, Children’s Benadryl Chewable is exactly what I need when Jonah has an allergic reaction. As he grows up, we have noticed that he shows many signs of allergies when he is around animals. Whether it be the chicks at school or the hamsters at camp, his eyes get watery along with other symptoms and he becomes very uncomfortable. Along with the physical discomfort, we find that it has affected him emotionally as well. He has become very aware of these symptoms and in the past has been removed from the activity and his friends to avoid a reaction. The thought of being around animals this summer and potentially being removed from his peers has him feeling very anxious. Knowing that he can take Children’s Benadryl Chewable to decrease the allergy symptoms, it will make a world of difference for him this summer as he begins his summer camp.

As a parent, I feel relieved knowing that I can give Jonah relief from his allergy symptoms. We can’t prevent the unexpected, but with the help of Benadryl, we can feel safe and prepared when a reaction happens! As we go into this summer, I’m finding it much easier to be prepared with the options from Benadryl.

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Are you prepared for the unexpected this summer?

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