10 things April-Weather Changes, Kid-Free Summer Holiday, Allergies and More!

10 Things April Weather Changes, Kid-Free Summer Holiday, Allergies and More!

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Spring has finally sprung and we are thrilled, to say the least. This felt like longest winter EVER, and we are all SO ready to dust off the cobwebs in our closets and throw our winter boots where we can ignore them for the next several months! To get our Savvy Sassy family geared up for refreshing Spring and HOT Summer,  we are sharing 10 things April, from planning summer camp for kids, kid-free holidays, how to prepare for allergy season and more.

Summer camp for kids

Now is the time to think about what summer programs you are interested in investigating for your children. Are they interested in horseback riding, pottery, sports or even interior design? This is the perfect time to hone in on their hidden talents and interests and gives them the opportunity to try new activities they don’t necessarily have the chance to explore during the school year. You can read, How to have a successful summer camp experience here.

Why a Kid-Free holiday is good for you!

10 things April-Weather Changes, Kid-Free Summer Holiday, Allergies and More!

Carving out time with your spouse is not always easy. Summer travel without children can prove to be a great time to reconnect, recharge, and remember why you fell in love in the first place. You can read, 5 Reasons a kid-free vacation is good for your marriage here. For those who can’t seem to get way for too long , I recommend taking a vacation in your own city! Spend the night at a hotel in your area and plan to see or do something you have never done before!

Bring on the Color!

10 things April-Weather Changes, Kid-Free Summer Holiday, Allergies and More!

I have been wearing grays and blacks throughout the winter months, and Spring is a good time to add some Color back along with the changing seasons! Look for bright pinks, greens, royal blues, golden yellows and coral to give your neutral wardrobe some vibrancy.

Up your sunscreen game!

Warmer weather means more sunscreen. My go to daily wear sunscreens are; EltaMD, Peter Thomas Roth and La Roche-Posay. I typically choose sunscreens that go on with a smooth consistency, are not greasy and have a higher SPF. You should apply sunscreen every day, even in winter months and days with no sunlight. Since our skin is our largest organ, it is most susceptible to our environment so it is important to keep our skin in mind when we get ready in the morning.

Summer Finals for Teens!

Keeping your teens calm during the last few months of school and approaching finals is not an easy task. They are looking to you to share their stress and goals. Have you read our article on Work Smarter, Not Harder for teens? You can read it here.

Add floral embroidery

10 Things April

Echoe the changing weather with some bright decals on clothing. Anything floral goes, from dainty embroidered flowers on sweaters, sweatshirts and blouses to full floral blouses. It is all fresh and happy and we don’t mind it one bit!

Versatile comfortable shoes

Wearing anything on my feet that feels comfortable is a yes! Finding a shoe that you can travel in, do errands and wear with your workout wear or a dress is an essential for any mom! For the aforementioned holiday with your spouse, you will need shoes that you can go all day in without constantly reapplying blister bandaids.

Promote Random Acts of kindness!

Being kind is always on our top list. We want to model kindness to our children and by promoting random acts of kindness to others, it creates a positive environment for all. Positivity is equal to happiness. You can read, 10 ways to celebrate random acts of kindness with kids here.

Allergy Awareness

10 Things April

Sniffle, sniffle, cough! Is your nose running when you open your windows or step outside? Early allergy season is upon us, this is a good time to investigate what type of pollen is in season and invest in preventative measures to help your family through these changes.

Spring Change Over

Not only are we thinking about changing over our wardrobes, we like to change our linens. We hate sweltering at night, so we like to keep things light in the bedroom. Time to tuck away the heavy duvet and in with the light airy, bright linens.

How are you celebrating Spring?

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