How to pack a fun and healthy lunch for kids

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Packing a healthy lunch that your kids will actually eat can be a huge challenge.  First you have to start with fun lunch bags, then you have to have the just the right food containers, and once you have those then you can work on what actually goes in the lunch – the food!

Garnet Hill Lunch Pack I appreciate the pocket and label for your child’s name.

Take a Dip Container love this all in one solution.

Reusable Bags Mama Made on Etsy love the ones with the zippers!

The cutest Panda Bento Box on the planet (comes in a frog and Pig too)


I have some very picky eaters (what Mom doesn’t, right)  So this year we are getting creative and trying out some new things because I am so tired of making PB & J with the crust cut off and they even admitted to getting sick of them.  I found some new healthy options that I hope will help pack a punch in their lunch!

Jammy Sammy Snackbars My son and I just ate them this morning – they’re good!

Squiggles by Sun Rype they’re a bit addicting.

Monkey Bars from Monkey Brains %100 Natural Granola Bars


Flat Out Bread rollups are so much more fun then rgqular ol’ bread!


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  1. Thanks for sharing these things you love! I am always looking for new healthy additions for my kids lunches (that wont just come home un-touched!) We also love the Horizon flavored milks, and raisins are a crowd pleaser 😉

  2. Oh I think I’m going to try the flat out wraps! My girls are so not into sandwiches, which is ridiculous.

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