Fall Fashion: Children’s Shopping Guide

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Getting ready for back to school and doing the clothes shopping for all the little ones can be either fun or pretty hectic. It all depends on if you accomodate your child and their personality and taste or if you go by “mother knows best” or “budget is tight”.

I am a rededicated fan of classic children’s clothing. Similar to the stylings of Olive Juice and to add some splash I love MiniBodenZaraKids and H&M. For so many of us “Back to School” shopping can take place actually after the kids go back to school since it is still so hot outside. I remember being a hot mess by the end of my first day of school, suffering for fashion and the excitement of new clothes.  So sometimes the real fall shopping begins when the weather is a little cooler.

For those of us on that tight back to school budget or seeking uniforms the places to hit up are Old Navy, Gap, The Children’s Place, Kohl’s and JC Penney.   Even Costco has some great deals and good quality children’s items. Just this last week I found Hanna Andersson PJ’s for my boys and I was ECSTATIC!  More than 50% off retail price 🙂  My boys closets boast all of these brands and you can find really nice items at sensible prices.*In fact, check out the latest shopping cart test from Cheapism.com to see how some of these top retailers and hundreds of products scored!  They found high quality at Old Navy, biggest selection of school uniforms at JC Penney, affordable shoes for all occasions at Target, and the cheapest kids clothes overall at Walmart. Read more



Getting special items for things like Fall pictures, such as Coats, Vests, Dresses, Classic Sweaters, Cardigans, Pants look to Zara Kids, Olive Juice Kids, MiniBoden. Well styled pieces and classic long lasting wardrobe staples can be found at any of these online retailers and will give your child’s wardrobe that hint of individuality, thoughtful styling, and just a little bit of excitement.


What are your favorite retailers for “Back to School” shopping?
What brands do you love?


*All clothing featured on mood boards are from the following sources: ZaraKids, Olive Juice and MiniBoden.

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  1. Going to have to check out that American Living!
    For my daughter, I’ve hit up every place under the sun this summer. From Old Navy to sales at ideeli to sweaters at Target. Most have been budget options but I love me some name brands.
    For my son, if given the choice between 10 pairs of jeans, without looking – just touching – he will inevitably pick the Joe’s Jeans out of the mix. I find those on sample sale as often as possible. His vintage-y comic t-shirts come from everywhere from H&M to HankB. Target’s Sean White is HUGE in these here parts as well. We love our brands. Now I’m going shopping on American Living!!

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