Winter Coats For Kids at Every Price

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Have you purchased your Winter coats yet? I live in the cold weather state of Minnesota so our cold weather gear is our biggest investment each year as our Winter coats come out in October and sadly we do not put them away until sometimes April. Since our coats will get so much wear it is important to me to buy coats that will last the whole season and also have the quality and classic styling so I can hand them down to my other children.  Since our coats are something we wear everyday, it’s also something I will spend a little more money on to make sure it is warm and holds up through the whole season.

Typically I buy each child two Winter coats – one for school and play and one dress coat. My kids spend a lot of time outside in the wintertime so I want a coat that is super warm. Typically we will choose a down-filled puffer coat for school and play. There are so many great choices now that run the spectrum of prices.

For a nicer or dress coat we typically buy a coat that is wool or a wool-blend for warmth and it will last and wear a long time. I have a Mini Boden dress-wool coat that I bought six years ago for my oldest daughter that is now being worn by my youngest daughter and it still looks next to new.

I’ve search the internet for a casual-everyday Winter coat and a dress coat for both boys and girl at every price range. I shopped a Mall store(like Gap or Old Navy), a sporting good store(like Columbia),and a department store(like Macy’s and Nordstrom’s). Other great places to look for coats that we’ve owned and loved are Hanna Andersson, L.L. Bean, Land’s End, and Mini Boden.

Casual Coats For Girls:

Gap Warmest Winter Jacket for girls for $78. Columbia Down Puffer Coat for $120. North Face Parka from Nordstroms for $199

Casual Coats For Boys

Boys Gap Warmest Winter Jacket for $78. Boys down coat from Columbia for $120. Boys Moondoggy down coat from North Face for $149.

Dress Coats For Girls

Girls red peacoat from Old Navy for $30. DKNY at Macy’s girls ruffle dress coat for $95. Adorable Corky & Company coat from Nordstroms for $110.

Dress Coats For Boys

Old Navy boys toggle coat for $35. Boys peacoat from DKNY at Macy’s for $64. Mini Boden duffle coat for $92.

Where do you shop for coats and what do you usually spend?

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Tracy is the mother of three girls and works as a freelance writer and in the children's fashion industry. She loves finding and shopping for the latest trends yet keeps her closets full of classic and whimsical styles and loves to scour thrift stores. Tracy enjoys running, traveling, baking, shopping, drinking red wine, wearing high heels and telling really bad jokes to her children. Blog

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  1. These Coats sound great. I just bought my Girls Coats from Burlington Coat Factory. Emma and Allie look adorable in them and I got the two of them for that one coat would have cost at the department store.

  2. I live on the East Coast so we get a little bit more of a transition into the colder months but your idea for a dress and play coat is great. I bought a lightweight Kids Pendleton Coat and it’s colorful enough to be a fall coat and a spring coat! It’s all about making investments.

  3. Thank you for posting these coats its amazing to see the price difference in the different brands. My go to coats for children would have to be the parkas. No fur, not because of an activist right, but because when it rains the furs gives off a funky smell.

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