Feeling Better (And Stylish?!) After Baby

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Feeling Better (And Stylish?!) After Baby
This is a Guest Post from Bethany Winters of LA Stylist Mom

I remember the day; it was 2004 and shortly after my first baby, Z, was born. I was standing in my kitchen washing bottles and as I finished up, I wiped my hands…on my shirt. It suddenly dawned on me (as I burst into tears most likely as a result of post partum depression, but that’s another post) that I was a mere echo of the stylish woman I had been prior to becoming a mother. When I say ‘stylish’ I mean literally, since I had worked in the industry as a wardrobe stylist for over a decade, dressing celebrities, bands, models and television actors; now I dressed a 6 day old, and not much more.

It’s hard at the beginning, especially after your first, and if someone tells you differently? They’re lying, I promise. I quickly realized that by just doing some little stuff to help propel me back into the near realm my former self, I felt better – and happier. Here a few things I did to feel prettier, more stylish, happier and a result, more like myself before baby…

1. Cut yourself some slack. Period. Remember that losing the baby weight and rediscovering your style is a process, not a moment.

2. Get out of your jammies (and not into your yoga pants!) Even if you’re still wearing maternity clothes (and let’s face it – most of us are for some time) put them on. Nothing makes you feel crappier then hanging out in pajamas all day.

3. Put on one thing that makes you feel pretty. If you’re anything like me nothing fit and you just don’t want to deal, but shoes and accessories always do. Pop on a pretty necklace, a pair of earrings or just some sandals, even if only to run to the market. You’ll feel way more human than choosing to hoof it in Crocs.

4. Go out for date night. Yes, I said date night. I went out with my husband (without the baby, ladies) within the first ten days of the birth of both of my kids. It felt good to shower, put on makeup, and get out just the two of us, no matter how briefly. My mom stayed with the baby and I felt pretty, re-charged and more like myself.

5. Treat yourself to transition pieces. The last hting I wanted to do after Z was born was shop, but as my maternity clothes began to hang and my real clothes were still (very) constricting, I purchased some in-between items like shift dresses (incidentally a super easy, chic and comfy transitional outfit choice) and drawstring pants on the cheap from places like Old Navy, Marshall’s and Loehmann’s.

Even if it’s as simple as a shower (or in my case a dish towel), try to do one small thing a day that makes you feel stylish, and you’ll be back to feeling like yourself before you know it!

Bethany Winters, Editor
L.A. Stylist Mom

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  1. I have never been and don’t plan on being pregnant anytime soon so I cant relate on this level however there have been times in my life where I got to this point. Esp, when I was very fat and feeling oh to gross most of the time. Putting on something like sassy shoes and a nice pair of earring or braclet can instantly lift my spirits. This is good advice for ANYONE who needs a little pick me up! Thanks LA Stylist Mom.

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