The 2010 Bugaboo Bee Stroller – A Sassy Giveaway!

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Last week we brought you our Savvy Stroller Pick for Bump Month and this week, we are turning our focus to the SASSY side of Savvy Sassy Moms!  Our Sassy Stroller Pick is for the modern mom who, of course, cares about function and efficiency in her stroller, but she also cares about style, design, and making a statement while she cruises her bundle of joy through the world.

So what is our Sassy Stroller Pick for Bump Month?  You’re looking at it – meet the NEW Bugaboo Bee!

Bugaboo has literally revolutionized the modern stroller and has redefined what it means to “stroll” with your baby.  Merging the two most defining aspects of modern motherhood – function and style – Bugaboo is a company that continues to build on its solid reputation of quality and innovation.

The NEW Bugaboo Bee, launched in stores just this month, is a compact, yet complete stroller and offers innovative upgrades and functionality over its successful predecessor.  The Bee is compact, easy and nimble, just like before, but this new model offers a height-adjustable backrest, sun canopy, 5-point harness to four different height positions (first stroller in the market to offer this feature) and a re-engineered circular joint reverse system that creates an even easier way to lift and turn the seat so your child can either face you or the world.

Bugaboo prides itself on being a mobility company that understands a modern mom’s life on the GO.  As we rush around from Point A to Point B to Point Z and back to Point A, Bugaboo has designed the kind of stroller that fits effortlessly into our hurried lifestyle. The Bugaboo Bee has an effortless one-piece fold, one-handed steering and a unique swivel-wheel system that provides the signature Bugaboo maneuverability. Once you push a Bugaboo, it’s tough to think about pushing anything else.

With a retail price of $649 for the New Bugaboo Bee, $49 for the sun canopy and other costs for additional add-ons, we know that the Bugaboo Bee does not fit every family’s budget.  But knowing that this sleek stroller can grow with your child from infant to toddler and offers lots of flexibility as your child grows, we say if it’s within your reach, it’s well worth the investment.

From the Bugaboo website: “Our mission is to excite every person on the move. For parents, that means having the ability to get out and explore the world with your child. In the city, through the woods and over sand and snow, Bugaboo wants to help you go.”

To help you modern mamas get GOING, Savvy Sassy Moms, The State of the Mom, and the Juvenile Shop have joined forces to bring you a mind-blowing opportunity …

.. the chance to WIN A 2010 BUGABOO BEE!!

That’s right, we are giving a Bugaboo Bee away to one of our lucky readers and we are beyond thrilled to be able to offer you this incredible opportunity!

Our friends at The State of the Mom sent their mom correspondent, funny woman Jessica Bern, to the world-famous, celebrity baby hot spot, Juvenile Shop located on Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks, Calif. to learn about modern strollers from Roger Hicks, the go-to stroller guy for celebs and average moms alike.  This is a MUST SEE video for anyone who has ever shopped for a stroller!

The State of the Modern Stroller from Lee Vandeman on Vimeo.


Bugaboo Bee Stroller Giveaway!
(including sun canopy color of your choice!)
To enter the Bugaboo Bee Stroller Giveaway, you must
complete the first 3 Steps!
STEP  1: YOU MUST watch the video (trust us, it’s funny!)
Leave a comment HERE telling me why you just have to have the
New 2010 Bugaboo Bee
STEP 3: Go to The State of the Mom click around, and leave a comment
OVER THERE as well!

Extra Entry:

4.  Subscribe to The State of the Mom to be notified when new videos

5.  Re-Tweet this Bugaboo Bee Giveaway!

6.  Follow Bugaboo on Twitter

*If you do any of the Extra Entries – leave an additional comment below telling me what you did – 1 comment for each item please – this means more chances for you to win.  Therefore, you can have a up to 5 entries, but leaving a comment here and over at  The State of the Mom are MANDATORY!  Thank You


*This contest is open to US Residents only
**This contest ends May 30th at 11.59 pacific standard time

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  1. Wow I just love this stroller !! I’ve had your regular umbrella stroller for forever and would love to have a modern well made stroller from this wonderful company. I know that the name Bugaboo means it’s a great product. I would sure love to know first hand though !!

  2. I watched the video. I have to have the 2010 Bugaboo Bee because it has a 5 point safety harness – my son is a “reacher” and it scares me to death. This is a must have feature! I commented on this video (for the second time) at the State of the Mom.
    Kelly D. – secrets_girl23(at)yahoo(dot)com (aka) dkad23(at)gmail(dot)com

  3. I subscribe to The State of The Mom via google reader.
    Kelly D. – secrets_girl23(at)yahoo(dot)com (aka) dkad23(at)gmail(dot)com

  4. I follow Bugaboo on twitter. (@dkad23)
    Kelly D. – secrets_girl23(at)yahoo(dot)com (aka) dkad23(at)gmail(dot)com

  5. The State Of Mom is a great online magazine with tons of informative info for every mom ! I love that no matter what kind of mom you are these topics from The State Of Mom are ones that I’ve been looking for. Maybe your looking for the right modern stoller or your childs about to start school and you need to see how another family searches for the best one…. They’ve got it all !

  6. I follow The State Of Mom on Twitter!

  7. I LOVE it!! What a perfect stroller – especially when you don’t know what you’re having yet!! I gave all of my son’s baby items (he’s 5) to my sister in law for her two boys – one is 2 and the other is 11 months. Her house recently burned and luckily she was able to replace most of it – but now I have nothing for baby #2!! Would LOVE to stroll around town with baby and a new Bugaboo!! 🙂

  8. Following bugaboo on twitter as @champagnewisdom – yay!! 🙂

  9. DB and SIL are having a baby soon and could never afford something more than a $15 umbrella stroller, so I hope to give them and the new addition something they could never even wish for!

  10. I love ths video! Jessica is so funny! I would love to have this stroller because it is lightweight and works for infants through toddlers! I left a comment at State of the Mom!
    .-= Jennifer Kruse´s last blog ..Got diaper rash or chafing? =-.

  11. I follow Bugaboo and The State of the Mom on Twitter. I love the video.
    I would love to win this cool stroller for my best friend who 37yrs old and is having her 1st baby. 🙂

  12. At this point I would love to have any new stroller but the buggaboo looks so much nicer/lighterweight/convenient than the one i have. The one I have is from when my first son was born almost 8 years ago. I didn’t buy a new one with the birth of my 3rd son thinking he would be my last but hubby wants one more. Went to The State of the Mom and left a comment on the modern stroller post. I loved this video. So worth watching.
    .-= Angie B´s last blog ..BIC 100 days of Sunshine sweeps =-.

  13. When my daughter was born, I got her a McLaren and it is WELL used. While she’s a champion walker now, she still likes Daddy to hold her. She’s not tiny anymore and is HEAVY now, so we both still appreciate having the old stroller around for her to climb into. Now we could both use a new set of wheels. Thanks!

  14. haahaha!! Funny video, well done too, I’m a journalist so I edit these kind of things a lot! Yall have skills! I HAVE to have the Bugaboo cause I’m having my first baby in a month and we still don’ have a stroller! I won one on another site months ago and still haven’t gotten it 🙁 It would be a HUGE blessing to win another and actually get it this time, haha.
    .-= FutureMama´s last blog ..Dear Ladybug, I Made You Something =-.

  15. I have to have it because we are adopting a baby girl in JULY!!! I love that it works infant through toddler and is adjustable.

  16. I commented on The State of the mom site as well!

  17. I am so glad that I subscribe to Savvy Sassy Moms and got the email about this giveaway! This giveaway is what finally got me to join Twitter and I now follow State of the Mom, Bugaboo and Savvy Sassy Moms! My first tweet was about the giveaway.

    I’m due with my first baby in November. I live in a city where you can walk everywhere and I have been checking out the other strollers “strolling” around and LOVE the Bugaboo Bee (in red)! The quality and sleek design are great. I live in a small condo with little storage so the functionality of compact storage is great.

  18. We have 2 babies and one stroller. The older one is walking but not at a pace where she can toddle along with us while I push the younger one. Another stroller would be AWESOME!!

  19. I totally knew she was going to steal that stroller – so funny! That was very very funny. Honestly, I don’t need this stroller. I have a single stroller, a single jogger, and a double jogger. I’m set (although the single jogger is terrible). BUT I have a friend whose water broke last night a bit early and she’ll probably need a stroller to help carry that baby around. 😀
    I also like that State of the Mom site; small videos that I can watch that are entertaining but informative (although the stroller one…can they help out a girl on a budget? $160 for a stroller is a bit much too). And short videos so I don’t need to take more time away from my precious ones. 😀
    .-= S Club Mama´s last blog ..failure or acceptance? =-.

  20. Fun video! I know I felt overwhelmed when I first started researching strollers. Anyways, the Bugaboo Bee has many of the features I’m looking for and is nice and compact. I also commented on the State of the Mom site’s stroller review article

  21. Oh my, that was funny!!!

    I HAVE to have this stroller because.. it’s cute! 🙂 Is that a good enough reason? Oh and it’s lightweight, and oh.. because I want it! 🙂

  22. Love this video. Love the stroller! Hope to win 🙂

  23. Loved the Bugaboo frog for baby #1 … now on baby #4 and trying (??) to downsize … this could be my new go-to stroller?

  24. Why must I have to have the 2010 Bugaboo Bee??? I’m a stroller whore!! Plain and Simple!!! 😉

  25. My best friend has to have one! She has 2 toddlers and another on the way!

  26. The video was cute! I need this stroller because I have been obsessed with it since before I was pregnant with my first child. Now I’m on #2. I wish we had the $ for it but we don’t, so my only hope is to win it! I like the concept of the state of the mom. the videos are neat!
    .-= MarfMom´s last blog ..LOST and the OB Appt. =-.

  27. First of all, that video was awesome! And I just have to have the Bugaboo not only because it’s modern and stylish but the fact that it’ll grow with the baby and can face forward or backward is brilliant! I am so in love with stroller’s design and it seems to be made really sturdy.

  28. ha ha! that video is hilarious! I love the single comment. I am due with baby girl #2 in september and I used a super cheap stroller with my first daughter and it has completely fallen apart and this stroller looks amazing! This would definately help me out! I think the modern mom online magazine is a wonderful Idea! I will definately stop and read it!
    .-= amy pugmire´s last blog ..Upcoming Review CSN stores! =-.

  29. That is a very cute and funny video. I have to have the Bugaboo stroller because it would be so fun to have to stroll my baby around in! I committed on the video on The State of the Mom site.

  30. I follow Bugaboo on Twitter @christyworc

  31. I subscribe to State of the Mom via Twitter

  32. I HAVE to have this stroller…because I am going to be a grandma for the very first time, and I need a stroller for my new arrival (due in august) for all our trips to the mall, park, and craft store! 🙂

  33. I tweeted this giveaway! @christyworc

  34. And this video is hilarious. I just enjoy watching it over and over! :):)

    I am a subscriber to the State of Mom.

  35. I NEED THIS and here is why: we are selling our car and moving to Washington DC this summer and we are having our first baby in October. With no car I will need a heckuva stroller, I mean, don’t you agree?
    .-= NatTheFatRat´s last blog ..4 8 15 16 23 42 =-.

  36. commented on the video not committed 🙂

  37. There’s no way that stroller is prettier than me 😉

    Why do I need this stroller? Because someone, I’m not naming names, ran over our stroller with the car. A broken down, barely held together mess. I look awesome pushing that thing around, that’s for sure. Not dorky or stoller-hooptie at all.
    .-= Azucar´s last blog ..I Love The Constitution =-.

  38. It’s the most gorg stroller ever! I’m due in three weeks and would love to push my little bundle around in this fab stroller!
    .-= Rachel of Fabumom´s last blog ..What’s in Mama Birds Purse? =-.

  39. Jessica Bern is very funny. I completely understand being overwhelmed by strollers. And I need the new Bee because my only other stroller has been enormous and not very portable all-terrain jobby. Time for something as neat and stylish as the moms who read SSM.

  40. We NEED this stroller because we travel so much with our families in two different cities and we live hours away from both. Plus, it’s just too cute to not have.

  41. I must have the bugaboo so I can give it to the most amazing friend of mine who just found out she was having a little one, in SEPTEMBER! That’s right, she was four months along before finding out she is having a little boy. Crazyness! Anyway, I think she deserves such a stylish and awesome stroller for her little man!

  42. I loved the video. It was so funny. I can’t believe the many strollers that are out there and how expensive they are.

  43. We are ttc and this sounds like the perfect stroller to have. Its also one we will probably not be able to afford. I would love to win it!

  44. I love the concept of The State of the Mom. I look forward to all the new information to come.

  45. I follow Bugaboo on twitter. @sweetone624

  46. Wow….could really use a new stroller although I’m not sure I’d let my little guy in it – he might destroy it with food, drool, milk + dirt!
    .-= LobotoME´s last blog ..{ ME } =-.

  47. That stroller was great…and it was just a little bit prettier than me! Perfect!

  48. I love the video! It is so true!!! of course you feel like running away with the stroller!! after looking at the prices!! are you kidding me?? They are all very nice strollers but why are they so expensive??…a little bit more than 15 months ago I went through this adventure and after expeding couple hundred dollars… what was my surprise… I ended up sending my stroller back to the manufacter to fix it twice….. very fustrated…now another baby is coming and I would love to have this stroller…light, easy ad stylish!!!
    I love the website!! congrats!!

  49. oh that was hilarious! i’m new to this blog was that the editor in the video? she needs to be on tv I love her personality. And I’m thinking above ground pools are cheaper than that one stroller. ok so back to the stroller.. I would like a single stroller. I have a double now but my 4 year old wants to ride his bike and strolling baby girl in a double w/o anyone sitting next to her is weird to me. Thanks for the chance…off to comment on the new site 🙂

  50. Very fun video. I would love to have this because I am saving for a new grandbaby

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  51. I’m way cool, because I watched this video when State of the Mom first posted this. And I love it. While we technically already have a stroller for our newborn baby girl, I wouldn’t mind having another one that I can trick out. I’m thinking flame decals and spinners. I TOLD you I was cool.
    .-= BusyDad´s last blog ..Oh Baby Girl! =-.

  52. I watched the video – hilarious!! I left the following comment on The State of the Mom’s site: May 25, 2010 at 8:49 am oh my word – this is HYSTERICAL!! Thank you for putting to words (and humor) how I feel about the daunting search for the right stroller as a mom-to-be! (found this site from

    I like the bugaboo bee in yellow, and I LOVE that it will grow with my child!

  53. What a hoot! A way to tell all about the strollers an in a humorous way. I would just love to win this stroller.

  54. The video was very funny! I need this stroller is because my husband and I are planning on having our 3rd child, it’s modern and stylish but the fact that it’ll grow with the baby and can face forward or backward is amazing! have two older kids it seems like its not bulky like most strollers and it seems light weight enough as well!

  55. I have to have this stroller because it would be so great to have a smaller stroller to put in the car to take for my son when we have to run errands, plus yellow is my fave color!
    .-= Jessica´s last blog ..Kitchen, camera theives and kittens =-.

  56. subscribed to The State Of Mom via yahoo.

  57. That is a super funny video!! I would love to have the Bugaboo stroller because it would be so fun to have to stroll my baby around in!

  58. I would LOVE to have the Bugaboo Bee! It folds so well and I need to replace my behemoth of a stroller. And I just have to say that Jessica was hilarious in the video and Roger was such a pro with those strollers!
    .-= Whitney´s last blog ..Girls’ College Reunion Part 3 =-.

  59. OMG…..The room in it looks unbelieveable. It reminds me of the carriages when I was a kid. I mean the attachment you can get for the infant stage. When the child is old enough for the stroller part in this give away the baby could face either way which is a wonderful feature to have. The swivel wheel is a wonderful feature, believe me. There is nothing like getting stuck somewhere where your wheels won’t turn

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  60. first of all – as coffee came out my nose – from a sudden burst of laughter from this video (oh did I mention I am in the office) this video is HILARIOUS! Nicely done!!! (clap)

    Why? Why? you ask, must I have THIS stroller? Well because I am going to be a first time grandma, my darling first born child is having her first baby this year. (and yeah – none of this stuff existed 22 years ago!). She being a single mom, first time mom (and because what child gear i saved is now so outdated to be considered an artifact!) she is in need of everything! I want the best for her and my grand child. 🙂

    thank you for this opportunity

  61. You were right about the video being funny! Love how you pulled the baby doll out of your bag and put it in the stroller LOL. I’ve gotta have one of these because I love the colors, the design is awesome, love how compact it is, it has ample padding for comfort for the baby, love the storage underneath. I also love how easy it folds up and is light weight so it would be so much easier to pick up and put in the vehicle.

  62. I am a subscriber.

  63. left a comment….the modern stroller: what to buy? awaiting moderation on comment 39 under Lisa R

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  64. Sorry, I forgot to post I left a comment over at The State of the Mom blog under the stroller post also.

  65. state of mom email subscriber

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  66. follow bugaboo on the twit


    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  67. New momma-to-be (September 2010) and only want the best for my daughter! Would love this stroller and so would she!!!

  68. The video is great! It gave me lots of information and made me laugh at the same time. I need this stroller! My husband and I had our first baby three years ago and our second unfortunately was still born. We need this stroller because we are currenty trying for our third baby and would love to have something new and stylish. It would be a great new beginning for a new baby. Plus it is super cute, lightweight and a great color and I would have stroller envy if I didn’t have one!

  69. I love this video. Super duper funny!
    I have to have this stroller so i can be a modern savy mommy! I’m currently expecting baby #2 and used to have a clunky old 4 in 1 that broke down [the wheel got loose]. I would love to have this stroller as it would complete my family. oooo these are the strollers us busy moms dream of.

  70. Subscribed and left a comment over at The State of the Mom.

    I love the site!

  71. love the video! need a stroller for a Grandma on the go!!!!

  72. I absolutely need the bugaboo stroller. I have a 16 month old boy and I am expecting another boy in 4 months. To top it off: I just got laid off from my job. Every penny counts right now and a new stroller would make things just a little easier. The video was very funny by the way.

  73. I totally need the New 2010 Bugaboo Bee! With all the items you need to carry with you this looks to be lightweight and versitile. Besides I can’t run as fast as the woman in the video 🙂

  74. Subscribed to The State Of Mom via facebook

  75. I follow State of Mom on Twitter as well!

  76. First of all… it is SO cute! I’m pregnant with my second and I’m greatly needing to replace the stroller I used with my first. It’s been through a lot – and it’s also a jogging stroller and not compact like this. I would be SO thrilled to win! Thanks for such a great giveaway, both to you for writing up such a great review and to Bugaboo!

    By the way, I love the red canopy!
    .-= Lindsey@Kindred Spirit Mommy´s last blog ..KettleWorx Six-Week Challenge: The Last Fitness DVDs You’ll Ever Buy! {With Giveaway} =-.

  77. I watched the video and it was hilarious. I want to win this stroller so I don’t end up doing what she did! I had no idea there were strollers that were even over $500! That is crazy!

    I also left a comment on The State of Mom

  78. I subscribed on Facebook and Twitter to The State of Mom but I couldn’t figure out how to subscribe by email

  79. Jessica was hilarious! I laughed out loud when she said she needed to breast feed! I soo want this stroller. Baby #3 is now 7 months old and all I have used is my double stroller with her. I really should get a single .. hey! how ’bout I WIN this one! 🙂
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..What’s New? =-.

  80. I feel like i HAVE to have this because I have had an umbrella stroller for so long! I have a double umbrella stroller and am wanting to get my older girls out of a stroller for good and just keep my 10 month old in one! I have never had a “nice” stroller before and would be sooo excited to win this!

  81. I would love to have this stroller because it would be so nice, stylish and most importantly, comfy for my daughter. I’m always checking out the Bugaboo strollers in stores but there’s no way I could ever afford one, lol. LOVE this stroller! 🙂

  82. This video is funny. I need this stroller because the one we currently have is really heavy.

  83. I need a Bugaboo because we’ve got one toddler and we’re in the process of adopting two more! We’re going to have enough on our minds (and in our hands) to drive us to insanity. A Bugaboo Bee would be a way to add a little refinement, a little ease and a little style to our otherwise crazy life. I’ll be sporting this little Bee while my husband hands our semi-truck sized double stroller. We’ll have three toddlers on our hands, but the Bee will add some buzz to this mommy’s life. 🙂

  84. I’m also following Bugaboo on Twitter.

    I need a Bugaboo because we’ve got one toddler and we’re in the process of adopting two more! We’re going to have enough on our minds (and in our hands) to drive us to insanity. A Bugaboo Bee would be a way to add a little refinement, a little ease and a little style to our otherwise crazy life. I’ll be sporting this little Bee while my husband maneuvers our semi-truck sized double stroller. We’ll have three toddlers on our hands, but the Bee will add some buzz to this mommy’s life. 🙂

  85. Also subscribed to StateOfTheMom. I got some gobbledy gook when I clicked but hope it worked!

  86. I like the way it folds up what appears to be so easily and compactly! I need a Bugaboo because I’m expecting our first, and I think we’re skipping the infant bucket seat, so we need some sort of non-travel-system stroller!

  87. We need a Bugaboo Bee Stroller because we are constantly on the go! Besides, how else will we be able to fit in with the blue blood Nashvillians without one!?!

  88. Who doesn’t need a Bugaboo?

    Hilarious video!

  89. Oh yeah, I did subscribe to SOTM too.

  90. I love all the colors it comes in. And how compact it is! What a great giveaway

    Breejeep @

  91. I need this stroller because baby #3 deserves something new and sporty to go with all his/her hand me down everything else! 🙂

  92. I would love this stroller because my little guy is growing out of his big ol’ stroller and we’ve been searching for a smaller stroller for the summer! This would be perfect!

    laurieannnorwood at

  93. The video was definitely funny. Wow, where do I begin about why I need this. Love that the seat can be reversed, that it’s so light, that the length of the seat bottom can be extended, that it’s narrower than others, the 4 wheel suspension. LOVE everything about it. It also appears to be very easy to close and open. Also, left a comment over at State of the Mom.
    sweetpeonies07 at gmail

  94. Follow you on Twitter (Sweetpeonies)
    sweetpeonies07 at gmail

  95. Subscribe to The State of The Mom
    Sweetpeonies07 at gmail

  96. Another hilarious video. I really need this stroller. I love that it is lightweight and love the reversable seat.

  97. following bugaboo on twitter @akritical

  98. I watched the video, hilarious!

    I have to have this stroller because we have a travel system now and it’s just too heavy for me to load in & out of my car!

  99. I follow bugaboo on twitter 🙂

  100. I need this stroller because my current one has seen better days and is very heavy. Baby #3 is on the way and this would be such a nice present for me.

  101. you have found the good stroller in your video finally. I would love to have it as it’s lightweight with new model and feature

  102. Baby 2 is coming in November and would love to have the new bee to cruise the hood. My son has made our other stroller pretty nasty I’m afraid the new baby will find year old goldfish in it.

  103. We just found out this AM we are expecting a Christmas baby, I would LOVE to have the new Bugaboo to push the munchkin around in!!!

  104. I follow Bugaboo on Twitter (Momof2add1)

  105. Left a comment over at The State of the Mom on 5/26!! Love their site!!

  106. OMG I totally need one of these! We’re expecting our first and are completely USELESS in the stroller department – there is so many to choose from! My girlfriend has one of these and my lovely husband walked her baby around the other day and said that we MUST get one, they’re the Masarati of the stroller world! :o) We also live in a tiny tiny apartment so need something that makes the balcony look nice!x

  107. It’s not for me – I need it for someone at the St. Vincent DePaul charity.

  108. I want the stroller because the one I have wheels are broken and it is hard to roll.

  109. I hate making decisions, and am newly pregnant with #2 … our old stroller is literally falling to pieces. This looks so versatile and easy to use!

  110. It’s a beautiful stroller – that’s why!

  111. I would like a Bugaboo Bee Stroller because I do not drive. So when I get around with my 4 month old baby girl we use public transportation. I am a new mom with a 6yr old hand me down stroller so I need something light weight and compact able.

  112. Well! I want this bugaboo because it’s sleek design! The EASY rolling! So easy to transport.

  113. In addition to the fact that the Bee would be the perfect stroller for my 14 month old who has outgrown his travel system, I love the fact that it’s called the Bee because I’m an aspiring bee keeper!

    Thanks for running the contest – cool blog.

  114. I’m a Bugaboo Twitter follower too!

  115. Finally, under “Subscribe and Socialize” on State of the Mom, I subscribed to follow State of the Mom on Twitter. Hope that counts as a subscription!

  116. I would like to Bugaboo Bee Stroller because I would like to give it to my daughter for her first baby! Our first grand baby! She is a very loving person and has dedicated her life to helping college students while not making a lot of money. This would be a real treat for her to have such a nice stroller!

  117. I want this bugaboo because it’s sleek design! The EASY rolling! So easy to pack away in your car or car trunk.

  118. I commented on the State of the Mom Website

  119. I subscribed to the State of the Mom via Twitter @joaniehami

  120. I’m following Bugaboo on Twitter @joaniehami

  121. I would love to win this stroller because it would be a great gift for my older sister on her birthday, June 1st.

  122. I commented on the video at State of the Mom

  123. I subscribed to State of the Mom on Twitter @ amyshay87

  124. I follow on twitter! @mgmommy0930

  125. I would love to be able to give this to my best friend. She could really use it! She’s helped me out so much and now she is expecting her 3 rd in 4 yrs! It would be a blessing!

  126. I would like to win the Bugaboo Bee Stroller for my lovely friend Christy who is kind and warm hearted in all ways because that way her very own Bugaboo will be cozy when she takes her baby on strolls.

  127. I watched the video and commented on it at the State of the Mom website.

  128. I am expecting my first great grand child. I am fortunate to have 10 grand children all young adults, college graduates and NO great grand children. But my married grand daughter is looking forward to her first child hopefully soon! I believe that, that wonderful great grand child should experience your wonderful stroller! Grammie

  129. I left a comment over at the State of the Mom about the video.

  130. I follow bugaboo on Twitter (skipjs)

  131. I subscribed to the state of the mom (skipjs)

  132. I tweeted this giveaway (skipjs)

  133. Video – FUNNY!!! My oldest is just 3 1/2 and they did not have these sweet strollers even then!

  134. I TOTALLY need this!!!! We have 3 (within 2 1/2 years) and only have a double stroller…making it really hard to get out with the whole family without having to make our 3 1/2 year old walk. This is a stroller I think my husband would even like to push!!

  135. Great video! I’d love to have this stroller because we’re expecting soon and it is a daunting task to find just that right stroller and this one sounds and looks wonderful! I commented at The State of the Mom too.

  136. LOVE the video!! We don’t have a stroller yet and “baby” will be here before we know it, so we could definitely use this!! We’d be the hit of the neighborhood with such a trendy baby ride!!

  137. OMG ! The video was funny! Also, I have decided that we must have this stroller for Emilio. He has outgrown his infant one and his single mom (my daughter) could really use this free one!!!!

  138. This stroller appears lightweight & great for the city- exactly what we need!! So cool. Thanks!

  139. I have to have this Bugaboo Stroller because it is just as FABULOUS as my little girl is!! She needs to ride in STYLE!!

  140. I would love to have this stroller. I recently started walking and rollerblading again and am having some issues with my stroller. I have to keep my stride short or my feet hit the back wheels! I would love to put this stroller to the test! It also is just visually appealing, looks so well made and supportive!

  141. I subscribe to state of the mom!

  142. I would love to have this stroller because it is functional and also stylish for my wife! The video was funny and interesting.

  143. I wrote a comment on the video over at the state of the mom site.

  144. I subscribed to the state of the mom

  145. Watched the video. I would love to give this as a gift to my friend who is expecting. A great feature of the stroller is that it grows with the child from infant to toddler. I think that is great.

  146. Following Bugaboo on Twitter: hillfam2005

  147. I watched the video and commented at State of the Mom. I would love this because the one-handed steering and a unique swivel-wheel system makes it sound so very nice!!

  148. I’d love a Bugaboo stroller because it’s stylish, modern and most importantly functional! Plus I’ve been dying for a bugaboo for years, just can’t afford one. Thanks for the oppurtunity!

  149. Every time I use our stoller I wish we had chosen a different one! When you’re pregnant and have never actually USED a stroller, you have no idea what you’re registering for! Thanks for the video!

  150. Strollers that have been pushed through muddy festivals, through rainy parking lots and through two Mardi Gras are dirty, muddy and stained. I need a fresh new stroller for my fresh new baby, due in October! Plus, I really love the Bug!

    I followed Bugaboo & retweeted this tweet.

  151. I love my cameleon but it’s a pain to put in the car on the go- the bee is the coolest lightweight stroller out there and if it rolls as well as the cameleon the best lightweight out there as well!

  152. I watched the video and loved it! I left a comment on The State of the Mom. I have to have the Bugaboo Bee because I need a light stroller that can fit my older toddler. I love that it has a height adjustable backrest!

  153. I need the bugaboo bee because my little guy needs a stylish new ride.

  154. I have a 10 month old daughter who would LOVE this stroller (not to mention her mom who would be pushing it!) That and she’s just my first – I know there will be more in the future, so I need a stroller that is durable enough for a few kids. 🙂
    .-= Maura´s last blog ..Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil Giveaway! =-.

  155. I love Jessica’s humor, especially her observations on the prices and the help. And the baby doll was a funny touch.

    After spilling hot coffee all over myself trying to maneuver my crappy stroller over a curb with one hand, I’m drooling over this one, especially the swivel foam-filled tires on the front which would be a breeze to push.

  156. The Bee+ would be perfect for the suburbs!

  157. I absolutely LOVED this video!!! I have a 10 month old daughter and watching the video was like deja vu! I was so confused when we tried to find a stroller for our daughter and I was completely exhausted from just looking online.

    Jessica is hilarious (not to mention she has a great name, same as me!). I HAVE to have this stroller because as my daughter is getting older she likes to go on walks but we don’t have a stroller because I couldn’t make up my mind!

    If we win this stroller, I will put a BIG red bumper sticker on it that says “WE WON THIS AT SAVVYSASSYMOMS.COM!” so it’s a win-win for us both! 🙂

  158. love that stroller, I need it, I want it!

  159. this stroller made me drool… so need it in my life!! i also had a mini day dream (deepSigh)

  160. This stroller made me drool! i also had a mini day dream… so need this in my life (DeepSigh)

  161. Buzz buzz buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    I just gotta have a bee
    as a mother of 2 & a baby
    I dream to have a boo
    to help me with my crew
    whizz about town
    getting it all done without a frown
    compact, light and versatile
    this bee has so much style
    you see this bug is my calling
    its ease & maneuverability is what’s adoring
    so please make my wish come true
    by sending me a new bee bugaboo
    Thank you!

  162. I also left the following on The State of the Mom…

    What an entertaining vid, very funny yet very informative!

    After visiting “SavvySassyMoms.Com” I have my heart set on winning a Bugaboo bee. With a 5 year old, a 3 year old & a baby on the way I really have my hands full and not to mention a whole lot of expenses!

    This stroller will be light on my back for the lifting in & out of the car, the simple maneuverability of the one-handed steering operation & effortless one handed one-piece fold, will mean I will have my other hand free to gather up the kids & everything else in my full & busy life…& it would mean that even my 5 year old could push it around if I needed her help!

    Hope to win the new 2010 Bugaboo Bee! Buzz buzz!!

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