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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Facts Up Front program.

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Facts Up Front

The importance of nutrition labels

No one can dispute the importance of nutrition labels. Consumers are more careful about the food we put into our bodies. Information like calories per serving and saturated fat content make a difference in the food we choose while shopping.

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Why Facts Up Front matters

Traditional nutrition labels are generally on the back or the side of products, meaning you have to physically pick up and turn the box or container around to read the label. This doesn’t seem like a big deal — until you’re shopping with a four-year old. Shopping with my son means pushing an unwieldy, oversized car cart around the grocery store. That cart takes up more than my share of many aisles, and I try my hardest not to impede anyone else’s progress through the store by lingering over cereal boxes.

Facts Up Front displays key nutrition information — like calories, saturated fat, and fiber — on the front of product packages. Saturated fat, sugar, and sodium are always displayed on the Facts Up Front label, because those nutrients are recommended to be limited in a healthful diet. The labeling, now prevalent in many grocery stores, helps me make more informed choices while shopping.

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Use Facts Up Front to improve your nutrition IQ

Facts Up Front is more than a label. The Facts Up Front website is filled with tools, information, and resources to help you use the information you can find on labels to make more informed decisions about what you’re eating.

The Facts Up Front Nutrition Calculator lets you see the actual numbers you need to eat in order to maintain your weight. Want to lose or gain weight? Take the suggested numbers up or down. The calculator takes into account your age, current weight, height, and activity level. I plugged in my numbers and calculated my own recommendations.

Facts Up Front

One of the most helpful parts of the Nutrition Calculator, besides the numbers themselves, is the interactive nature of the results. When you hover over the different numbers, information pops up about sources for different vitamins and nutritional categories. So if you don’t know what to eat to meet your Vitamin A requirements? The Nutrition Calculator can help you find foods to help.

Facts Up Front

Let Facts Up Front help you make healthful choices

Facts Up Front — the label and the website resources — can change the way you grocery shop and meal plan for your family. Check out their Shopping and Meal Planning Tips the next time you’re making your family’s grocery list. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to incorporate their tips with the labels displayed on the front of the packages!

Do you read nutrition labels when you shop? Do you love the way Facts Up Front help bring nutritional information to the front of the packages?



This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Facts Up Front program.

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