Spring nail colors

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This winter was a tough one, wasn’t it? I mean, I wouldn’t really know because I wasn’t in the middle of it. But judging from the #chiberia hashtag & all the Instagram photos of people’s iPhone weather apps, it was a rough one.

Spring colors are here!

The good thing is that spring is finally here. And it’s ushering in it’s beautiful colors along with it. Does that just make you happy? Outfits are getting brighter, skirts are being busted out and yep — break out your bright pink nail polish because ladies, it’s time.

I actually think it’s kinda funny how colors change with the seasons. Why can’t I wear bright pink in the dead of winter? But I’m gonna go with it. I’m gonna share my favorite spring nail colors.

spring nail colors

Aren’t they all so gorgeous? It’s a really pretty break from the reds and plums & blacks. I love it.

The “it” thing is pastels

This season pastels are a thing. And if I’m being quite honest with you, pastels just aren’t my thing. I like a good bold color. The brighter the better. But I actually have liked the pastel trend on my nails! My personal favorite is mint green, salmon or white. I actually tried the white last summer and fell in love.

Polish doesn’t have to be expensive

My favorite brand of nail polish is Wet n Wild which you can buy at your local drug store for less than $2. Awesome, right? I picked one up on a whim once and have loved it ever since. It has a thick brush and lasts for days — longer than any other nail polish I’ve tried. Which goes to show you do not have a spend a ton of money to get a good manicure.

Here are a few tips for an at home mani:

  • Bottom/top coats matter — try a few out and find what works for you.
  • Let your nails dry a decent amount of time in between coats.
  • Have a pointed Q-tip handy with a cap half full of nail polish remover for mistakes.
  • Get a helping hand! If your right (or left) hand is always looking like a 2-year-old painted it, ask someone to do it for you. If you have a willing husband (or 2-year-old) you might get a better job done!

So are you going to try the pastel color trend on your nails this season? Or are you always a bright and bold fan? Either way, it’s fun to mix it up and try new colors!

And personally, I’m digging the pastels!


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  1. Funny isn’t it, but you are so right, in the winter I long for dark colours and got some dark blue nail varnish – in the spring I went and got a load of pastels (before I knew they were in fashion, i just fancied some!) Right now I have a very similar shade of mauve to the Topshop one you’ve featured.
    A tip I found brilliant is to paint your dominant hand first, so it’s drier before you reach out for something without thinking! I never mess up my nails now I do that!
    Great post, thanks!

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